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Features and price of these headphones

Uso de los auriculares Motorola Escape 500 ANC

The companies that launch sound accessories to the market are already quite numerous, and an example is the headphone segment. Well, the new ones have just been announced Motorola Escape 500 ANC, a model with an attractive price that does not lack noise cancellation. We show what this product offers.

This accessory, which is headband type, uses connectivity Bluetooth to connect to the different sound sources that are compatible it is also possible to use 3.5 mm connection per cable. An example of what we say are computers and smartphones. This forces the Motorola Escape 500 ANC to include a battery inside lithium polymer, and the truth is that in what has to do with the autonomous there is good news since the firm indicates that they are twelve hours which can be used without having to recharge. A very good brand.

Image of Motorola Escape 500 ANC headphones

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Another of the good details offered by the new Motorola Escape 500 ANC is that they are compatible with the voice assistants most used today (such as Alexa and Google itself). To offer this possibility in the headphones a microphone which captures the ambient sound and, in addition, allows this product to be used as hands-free when connected to a telephone. In addition, another option that exists in the device is that it includes IPX4 protection, so rain splashes are not a problem.


Motorola Escape 500 ANC, with flag noise cancellation

This is one of the feature improvements offered by the device, since the integrated one is active and therefore ensures that nothing bothers when listening to music in any situation. This option is something that more and more users demand, since the experience of use that is achieved is much more sharp and immersive. The elements are 40 millimeters with neodymium magnets, which ensures clarity in the reproductions.

Headphone headset Motorola Escape 500 ANC

By the way, there is an option in the Motorola Escape 500 ANC that we liked a lot. When using the application Hubble Connect for Verve Life that allow you to manage the headphones, it is possible to use a tool that allows you to know the last place in which they were used. This avoid losses and having to go looking for the headphones if you have forgotten where to put on. The colors in which this product is put on sale are silver and black.

Price of the Motorola Escape 500 ANC

This product, which includes an adjustable headband and has a quality pad on each of the elements that are placed in the ear, -and that only weigh 259 grams- is put on sale for 79.99 euros, which is not bad for a device with noise cancellation in our opinion.

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