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Your screen includes the best HDR standard

Your screen includes the best HDR standard

At the end of last July, the Sel-based manufacturer presented the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. We talk about the great rival of the iPad Pro, which comes to the market to become one of the best options to consider when buying a tablet. And now we just learned that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 screen hides an interesting feature on its screen.

And, the Korean manufacturer has just revealed that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 screen It has support for the HDR10 + standard. An improvement that makes this Samsung tablet the first device of this type that offers this technology that greatly improves its image quality.

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It should be remembered that, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is formed by a panel with Super AMOLED technology that reaches 10.5 inches, in addition to a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. And now, we know that one of its great virtues is the support HDR10 +.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

What is the HDR10 + for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

We speak of a notable improvement in the ability to offer a better contrast when playing any type of multimedia content compatible with the HDR10 + standard. To give you an idea, the conventional HDR10 produces a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits.

Instead, the HDR10 + technology, which was developed by Samsung and Amazon, is able to offer a maximum brightness that reaches 4,000 nits, A quite noticeable difference. To do this, it uses dynamic metadata capable of changing scene to scene. And this is one of the key points that differentiate both HDR standards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

While the HDR10 offers a fixed metadata for all the video we are going to play, the technology that integrates the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet allows us to enjoy a much higher image quality on your screen. Thanks to the fact that The HDR10 + is able to change the dynamic range in each scene. For example, if there is a night scene, it will be in charge of offering clearer tones so that you don't miss any detail.

Keep in mind that, for now, the HDR10 + standard can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video, but more and more content distributors, such as Warner Bros., are beginning to implement this standard in all its contents. One more reason to think that buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 It is a sure hit.