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The Redmi 7A is the perfect mobile for the elderly

Redmi 7A the smart low range

Xiaomi's low-end range has reached its seventh generation, one of the most popular Asian giant's proposals that is full of novelties. And this time, they are not just the evolution we can expect from one generation to another, since it has some saved ace.

This latest proposal from Xiaomi wants to show that cheap does not imply poor performance or a frustrating experience. In addition to taking advantage to enhance the new Redmi 7A towards a user with great potential, those who take their first steps in new technologies.

Redmi 7A the smart low range

As we mentioned in the introduction, that the new Redmi 7A is the low end of Xiaomi does not imply that it is a smartphone that offers a frustrating user experience. In fact in this seventh generation some aspects have been added that position it as a very well thought phone.

Redmi 7A the smart low range

Far from exotic materials or technologies that would only make the price more expensive, the new Redmi 7A offers elements that they differ from the rest of smartphones in their range and enhance it as a possible reference thanks to its new features.

Snapdragon 439 processor

Although the processor used in the new Redmi 7A Belong to the low range of Qualcomm, do not be fooled by this small piece of silicon. Since it offers a performance similar to Snapdragon 625, a processor that until recently was one of the proposals with great performance and more versatile than we could find in a smartphone.

Snapdragon 439 processor

So we have a more than enough performance for our daily use, in addition to obtaining very good autonomy figures thanks to its energy efficiency. Fruit of the union of Snapdragon 439 along with its huge 4000 mAh battery.

4000 mAh battery

Have a battery of nothing more and nothing less 4000 mAh, together with an energy efficient processor, offers some large numbers in terms of autonomy. Highlighting the up to 19 days standby that may be the new Redmi 7A or up to 216 hours of music.

The new Redmi 7A has a 4000 mAh battery

This combination allows the new Redmi 7A to stay away from an outlet, whatever use we give it. Something ideal for first-time users of a smartphone, such as older people looking for a phone to be connected to the family.

Extra Large Texts

Another virtue of the new Redmi 7A is the option of use extra large texts, designed to facilitate reading to all types of users. Attached to your IPS screen of 5.45 inches HD + resolution the texts will have the necessary sharpness whatever the user.

The new Redmi 7A puts extra large texts at our disposal

An aspect that too many times we forget on a smartphone, since when using panels with resolutions that are too large, everything looks very small. Placing the new Redmi 7A in a sweet spot between sharpness and display options That does not get in sight.

Greater volume

We arrive at one of the details that we take for granted on a smartphone, which will have enough sound volume to be heard by any user. A feature that has been relegated to the shadows, when the most important aspect for some users.

The new Redmi 7A has a 20% extra volume

Be it in the tranquility of our sofa or in the hustle and bustle of the streets, there are users who need to be able to listen without problems to the phone. For this the New Redmi 7A incorporates an option that increases the volume by 20% of the device, suitable for calls or just listening to the radio.

FM radio with integrated antenna

Speaking of radio, we reached another of the aces that the new Redmi 7A hides. Since it breaks one of the discomforts that present phones present, relying on the use of headphones to enjoy the radio, something that is not necessary in the Xiaomi device.