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The MacBook 5G may be a reality very soon

The MacBook 5G may be a reality very soon

Recently we talked about a new model of the range of Apple laptops that stood out for integrating a 16-inch screen. And it seems that the American firm is also working on a MacBook with a very interesting feature: it will have 5G connectivity

It is a fact that manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP and Dell are already working on their own solutions with the best connection in the market. In this way, it is expected that the first laptops of these manufacturers with 5G connectivity will reach the market later this year.

Is it worth buying the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro just introduced?

But if you want buy the MacBook 5G in which Apple is supposedly working, you should have a little patience, more than anything because, according to Digitimes, the source of this leak, says that until mid-2020 the first laptop of the firm based in Cupertino will not arrive with this connection.


Apple bet on a ceramic plate for your MacBook 5G to fly

From what we have learned, the main reason why the firm founded by Steve Jobs takes longer than its rivals to launch a portable computer with this technology is very simple: They want their MacBook 5G to be the fastest model on the market.

Highlight that the idea is not new. To start, in 2008 the possibility of launching a MacBook Air with 3G connectivity was launched, but finally Manzana I decided not to use it since it would take up too much space and you could always use a USB skewer.

Then, already in 2016 a patent of a MacBook with 4G connectivityThere are even patents in the name of the company to incorporate LTE technology to its range of laptops, but it seems that it did not come to fruition since the idea was rejected. To the third go the charm?

MacBook patent with connectivity

the secret of Apple's new 5G notebook to improve its transmission speed: ceramics

Keep in mind that Apple is already performing different tests, achieving a higher 5G performance in its notebook designs compared to its main competitors in the sector. How have you done it? Betting on a plate ceramic antenna. The price is six times higher than the traditional metal antenna plates, but it achieves twice the efficiency in terms of data transmission and reception.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the metal body that forms the chassis of the range of Apple laptops force to integrate between 13 and 15 ceramic antennas in the Macbook 5G, so they are probably working to reduce the process.

Of course, for now we are facing a rumor, so you have to take the information with tweezers. While it is true that it will have enough logic for Apple to finally launch a new generation of laptops with wireless connectivity, we will have to wait until 2020 to finally see if the MacBook 5G which we have talked about becomes a reality.