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The iPhone 11 Max unveiled in a video where its complete design is seen

Logotipo de la compañía Apple

Awaiting the month of September for the new range iPhone 11 be completely official, the information that reveals different details of the next smartphone of the Cupertino company is happening. And an example is a video in which you can see the design of this terminal.

Specifically, the model that appears in the recording is the iPhone 11 Max, the largest version of all that Apple present once the summer ends. This model is expected to be included. three sensors in the rear camera and main, something that is confirmed in the video and that, as it has been pointed out for a long time with respect to the design of the iPhone 11, arrive in a large square module and that will suppose an important design change.

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Another detail is that the notch The front part is maintained and, furthermore, without significantly reducing its dimensions. Therefore, if you are one of those who do not like this element in Apple models, in the new iPhone 11 Max you will have to “support it” one more generation (and this is a clear symptom that Face ID will be part of the terminal ). What seems pretty clear is that the frontal use be something better, since the frames give the sensation of being smaller than in the current model.

Some more details of the iPhone 11 Max thanks to video

There are not many more, but some seems quite clear to see the recording that, as is often the case with the leaks themselves, is not especially long. An example of what we say is that the charging and data transmission port will maintain the use of Lightning, so the expected jump to USB Type C seems not to happen again in this generation of Apple phones. In what has to do with the rest of physical elements terminal exteriors, there seems to be no change, and we will have to wait for the next creation, without Jony Ive in the company, to make a more noticeable change.

Obviously in the video you can see nothing about the internal hardware to include the iPhone 11 Max, but as always you expect a quiet evolution and, therefore, nothing that involves a sudden break with respect to the previous generation. Thus, for example, this model aims to have a screen 6.5 inch OLED; the storage range from 64 to 512 GB; and, moreover, it is more than likely that the wireless charge undergoes a significant improvement in its performance compared to what is currently included. What do you think about the possible design of the future Apple device?

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