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The best Android smartphones on the market, according to your needs

The multitude of options offered by the Android world They may make you doubt what smartphone to buy. Therefore, it is convenient to ask at the beginning What are you going to use the mobile for and what are you looking for?

An off-road smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S6 (699 euros) and S6 Edge (899 euros) are the two best smartphones of the year, and they differ in that the second is curved. Both stand out for doing everything and doing well, from taking photos, listening to music, making phone calls, and all this without the battery leaving us halfway.

In addition, they highlight its metal structure and glass offers an impressive quality, which surpasses many other Android. Its great Quad HD Sper AMOLED screen offers a pixel density of about 577 per inch, higher than that of the Full HD screen of the HTC One M9 or that of the LG G4.

With an Exynos Octa 7420, 64-bit processor is a high-performance smartphone and its minimalist TouchWiz interface certainly helps a lot. The main camera is 16 megapixels, while the front ensures great selfies with 5 megapixels.

The mobile with the best camera

The phone of the year with the best camera is from LG. The LG G4 that should be the option of those who seek above all to take good photos and share them on the Internet. This model offers a variety of manual camera controls that surpass even the excellent features of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The user can adjust the ISO sensitivity settings, the focus of the target and the white balance. It also allows burst shooting, which offers more control possibilities in its subsequent edition.

The opening of the rear camera is f / 1.8, which helps to produce better quality images, in low light, and helps to achieve these artistic effects when opting for manual focus.

As a whole, the LG G4 smartphone is a very solid phone, equipped with a powerful processor, Quad HD display, expansion slot and a 3,000mAh removable battery.

The best phablet

In this category, the Galaxy Note 4 is still the best option, with its 5.7-inch screen, great finish and an improved S-pen, ideal for taking notes. Its price is 749 euros.

Applications for this pointer improve productivity, and its powerful 16 megapixel camera is almost as good as that of its colleague, the Galaxy S6.

In addition, it has a Quad HD screen and 3 GB of RAM and, one year after its launch, it can already be purchased at a significant discount.

Best phone for price