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The 10 best smartwatch of 2015

Among the wide variety of smartwatches that you can buy today, we have selected the most interesting smartwatches that are already possible to acquire today in our country, to highlight the strengths of each one and what they should improve against their competitors. As is happening in the smartphone terminal market, the operating system of Google prevails mostly. Specifically the Android Wearalthough the Apple Watch OS It also makes its way into the Apple watch.

The third Tizen operating system comes from the hand of Samsung in his model Gear S, the only one that currently supports SIM card not to depend on the synchronization of the smartphone, in the absence of Huawei make your model commercial Huawei watch. This is why we have left it out of the group, not being for sale. In short, a good team of wearable devices, some of them with heart rate measurement sensors to also address certain measurements related to physical activity. Looking ahead to the end of the year, they are called to become the star technology product.

Pebble Time

Very traditional among the smart watch market, the family Pebble Account for barely a month with a new member known as Pebble Time This new edition improves certain shortcomings of its predecessors, such as the fact of incorporating a color screen, being able to maintain a wide autonomy. Users who have tried it position it as the most practical model in the market because they do not have a high dependence on cargo. It offers the possibility of using both with smartphone Android as iOS.

Price: 249


Apple Watch Sport

After months of waiting, especially if you are one of those who live outside the United States, it is already available in our country. If it stands out for something, it is for its customization possibilities, both in the sphere size, which can be 38 or 42 mm, as well as the model or type of strap implemented with its respective closure. The most economical is the Watch sport of 419 euros, and all of them have anodized aluminum case in silver, space gray, or gold in the case of the model Watch Edition It highlights the ecosystem of applications with which it already has, as well as the improved management of your touch screen with technology Force Touch That can be accompanied with the use of your crown. The screen is also protected by sapphire crystal.

Price: 419


LG G Watch R

Just like the model Moto 360, is the last bet of LG for putting on the market a smart watch with round dial that resembles the traditional watches of the great watchmaking brands. So, the G Watch R It is currently one of the best watches you can buy based on the platform Android Wear. Users who already enjoy it will have been able to see how the autonomy offered by their battery handles improved times compared to other models in the market.