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The 10 best apps to organize in 2019

The 10 best apps to organize in 2019

Surely you also have difficulties when it comes to organizing and remembering all the tasks you have to do per day: dates of delivery at the office, birthday of mam, time at the dentist, go shopping

Luckily, you can keep track of everything you have to do every day from a device that sounds very familiar to you: you smartphone. Be it Android or iOS, you can download the applications listed below and stop wasting your time!

These applications are especially useful for those students who do not supply the supply with so many jobs and exams. For them we also have an article of offers in technology. And is that buying a new laptop does not have to be expensive.

Google Calendar (Android / iOS)

Let's start with an easy one: Google Calendar. By simply creating a Gmail account, you will have at your disposal a host of services that you will find very useful and that you can access from any device, including this complete calendar.

Use the reminders to create alerts and never forget a scheduled appointment, or create personal challenges and let Google Calendar find a place every week for them. Events will be added automatically also from the emails of your Gmail account.

Download | Google Calendar for Android / Google Calendar for iOS

Do! (iOS)

A practical, fast and simple way to create lists of tasks is found in this application completely free, but only stop seeing an ad-free interface if you go to premium.

For each day of the week, you can create a list of everything you have to do and mark with a tick what has already been done. In addition, you can block the app with a password and create a backup copy in your email account or in Dropbox.

Download | Do! for iOS

Google Keep (Android / iOS)

Also an application developed by Google, Google Keep is designed so that you can take notes and organize them by color, as well as to create lists of things to do and share them with other users or create reminders.

Best of all, if you feel lazy to write or you can't do it at that time, you can always use the voice memo option and let the app transcribe it for you. You can also add photos to make everything more beautiful.

Download | Google Keep for Android / Google Keep for iOS

TickTick: Tasks & Calendar (Android / iOS)

If you also find it difficult to organize all the tasks of the different departments of your life, you have it as easy as using this magnificent app and create lists for each of them: work, university, home, purchase

You can also sort them according to their priority and in different colors on an annual calendar, allowing you to know what you should do first with just a glance. Do not forget to set alerts to know when the deadline to complete a task ends.

Download | TickTick for Android / TickTick for iOS