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OPPO announces the first selfie camera under the screen

Estructura cámara bajo pantalla de OPPO

A couple of years ago the notch It looked like the innovation paradigm, but after this time, we have seen that there are many companies that do not believe this and, therefore, develop different options to locate elements such as cameras For the selfies. An example is OPPO, which just announced the first one that is placed under the screen.

The truth is that the Asian company has long stood out for its intention to innovate, and the section of the cameras is one in which it stands out especially. Thus, for example, it was one of the first companies that included a ToF sensor to measure depth and even stood out for offering different and retractable options to prevent the notch from having space on the front of its phones (an example of this is the OPPO Reno 10X). And, now, take this step that is really interesting and that it has taken a lot of development time to get it to offer adequate quality.

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The case is that with the camera integrated under the screen to make selfies, the notch is not necessary – and neither the use of additional elements that reduce space for the battery or that increase the weight of the terminal. And, this, gives much more play when choosing internal components, without going any further. In addition, they allow the design front be completely symmetric, which for many (and I include myself among them), is excellent news since the attractiveness of the terminal when looking at it is much greater.

How OPPO has managed to integrate the camera under the screen

One of the most important things is that a new screen which includes transparent materials created specifically for the use of the camera under the screen so that the light reaches the sensor (for this purpose modified pixel structure). Important details regarding this component is that does not lose tactility in the reserved space, so it can be used regularly and, in addition, the company ensures that image quality is as expected So there is no drop.

Phone design with front camera under OPPO screen

In what has to do with the sensor used, one of the keys to achieve optimal operation is that the size of this element is larger – to acquire more light – and its opening is also better for the same purpose. Obviously, and as it is logical to think, there are problems in what has to do with the sparkles or water effect because the component is behind the screen. To solve this, OPPO has developed software processes (algorithms) that allow this to be corrected to offer a "quality that is usual in cameras intended for selfies."

Arrival of the OPPO camera to the market

At the moment nothing has been communicated regarding the arrival to the commercial market of this camera, but it is expected that it doesn't take long for the component to be implemented in a phone of the market in a way that appreciates how it has happened with the 10X zoom on the Reno phone. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think about the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 when OPPO makes this announcement effective. We are facing the key to get terminals with a frontal utilization close to 100%?

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