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Make your mobile "impenetrable" with Andrognito BETA for Android

Haz que tu móvil sea "impenetrable" con Andrognito BETA para Android

We live in a time whereprivacy almost does not existand ourfiles can be easily accessedfor anyone.Having our phone protected with an access code is something necessary and important. In fact, in lamayorade the screens that our smartphones unlock patterns remain marked and anyone who is ready can penetrate without problem.

Although, many of us go from having a predefined lock screen, and just by dragging we are already inside, I will recommend those, a free application to make those most sensitive files or those that are somewhat risque impenetrable and it doesn’t happen to us like some Hollywood actresses who have recently been hacked Your phones.

Andrognito BETA It is an app with diseominimalist, developed by Codexthat atLike most encryption applications, it allows us Protect our files with a PIN code or password that only we know. Ydiris, it is similar to others, because no, because it has a very interesting function that called me a lot of laatencin, and that is that “Invisible Mode”, create as a species of“Stano” making the intruder believe that he has really entered the archives and they are really meaningless folders.

The application has a “Flash mode ” that thanks to him is much faster. And we can hideall kinds of files, including essential things like documents, images,videos, and evenApplications.

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