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JBL LINK BAR sound bar: design, features and price

JBL LINK BAR sound bar: design, features and price

The great Achilles heel of today's Smart TVs is the poor sound quality they offer. Manufacturers prefer to offer solutions with a design where the minimum thickness is the base, leaving very little room for speakers. The solution? A good one Sound bar. And we have a new example in the impressive JBL LINK BAR.

Keep in mind that this is not an ms soundbar. But, Google has partnered with the well-known manufacturer of audio solutions, to launch one of the most complete solutions on the market. Because, functionalities are not lacking in this JBL LINK BAR.

How to choose a good sound bar for your Smart TV

In this way, the new Google soundbar and JBL It has integrated Android TV, in addition to Google Chromecast, so you have a whole three in one, if we take into account its sound quality, to enjoy one of the most complete products within its segment.


JBL LINK BAR, a sound bar and integrated operating system

And, one of the main characteristics of this sound bar, comes with the fact that JBL LINK BAR integrates Android TV. This, what does it translate to? Well, we can take advantage of the benefits of the operating system for Google TVs on any TV through its HDMI output.

Get more out of your Chromecast: how to use it with a soundbar

Do you have an old Smart TV whose operating system is really limited? You do not like the interface used by the manufacturer of your TV? Well, with this soundbar you will have access to all Android TV applications quickly and, above all, comfortably.

A simple mechanism available to everyone

One of the most remarkable details, in addition to its sober design that adapts perfectly to any corner of your home, comes with the fact that the JBL LINK BAR It is very simple to install. The only thing you have to do is connect the soundbar to your Smart TV and you can start using it. In addition, it has physical buttons to manually activate the bar without any problem.

And eye, which in its design includes three HDMI outputs and one HDMI eARC output, so it is clear that Google and JBL have thought of everything. If we also consider the quality of the solutions of this manufacturer specialized in audio, it is a fact that the new JBL LINK BAR sound bar. sound really good.


Ok, Google, the voice command to enjoy Android TV in the JBL LINK BAR.

To do this, you just have to activate the JBL soundbar through the Ok Google command. In this way, the JBL LINK BAR will automatically activate, even if your Smart TV or conventional TV is turned off. Yes, turn them on and automatically start the system.

And not only that, by having Google Assistant integrated, we can make the most of it, asking us to put our favorite song, knowing how long it will be tomorrow morning, or simply making it change HDMI output to play the console for a while.

In addition, it should be remembered that Android TV has more than 5,000 applications and games, so you can enjoy an extensive catalog of titles with which to have a really good time. Do not you think enough? Above, the JBL LINK BAR has ChromeCast.

S, the new sound bar with Android TV JBL and Google comes with this built-in gadget, so we can instantly transmit and broadcast any type of content from our phone, such as movies, series and everything we can think of.

As for the price and availability of this new sound bar, say that the JBL LINK BAR comes at a price of $ 399.90, about 360 euros to change. In addition, we can add a subwoofer for about 269 euros to the change, so the set will come out for 629, a fairly reasonable figure if we consider its design and features.