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How to set a default graphics card

How to set a default graphics card

Each computer or laptop comes with integrated graphics, possibly by default even if you have a more powerful graphics card installed.

Below we show you how to configure your new graphics card as default, and we explain how to make sure that your computer is using the correct graphics processor in each situation.

Inside your laptop or PC you will find the processor or CPU with its own graphic capabilities, something that is commonly known as integrated graphics because they are on the device chip.

This means that your computer can perform the basic functions of a screen without any help, although it may be necessary to use a more advanced graphics card if you want to use more powerful programs or video games.

Even if you have installed a more powerful graphics card, your team continues to choose to use the factory graphics card for lighter tasks in order to save energy and switch to the most complete card when necessary.

You may not agree with this automatic card exchange or simply prefer to take control of when to use each card. If this is the case, we recommend you continue reading to learn how to configure a default graphics card and be able to manually choose which graphics card to use at any time.

How to configure a graphics card

Step 1. Open the graphics configuration window. To do this, right-click on the desktop or look for the option by typing in the task finder.

Step 2. Select the option to manage 3D settings, in the 3D Settings section.

Step 3. Click on the Program Settings bar and select for each program the graphics card you wish to use.

Step 4. Now select Graphics processor preferences from the drop-down list (you can see that the automatic card change option is usually checked by default).

If you want to use the most powerful graphics card, select Nvidia High Performance Processor.

Note: for ATI / AMD graphics cards the process varies. You will have to open the settings control center in the same way, although you may have to open the graphics and then PowerPlay and configure the connection or battery to maximize performance.