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How to change the saved passwords in Chrome

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One of the functions that are most used in Google Chrome is to store passwords to, in this way, ensure that surfing the Internet is fast and without losing security. We show how to change what you already have stored and, in this way, that no errors occur.

The Password Managers from Google Chrome the truth is that it works quite well, and the options it offers without being the most complete that exist, it offers a fairly good utility (and very few are those that have remained of their security against the attacks of the hackers) The case is that it is possible modify the data that is stored, either by a change of word used or simply by a mistake when writing the correct one when accessing a page -with a security gateway- and being saved by mistake.

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Change passwords saved in Google Chrome

To do this it is not necessary to execute complex configuration processes, but it is important perform the process from a computer, since this version of Google Chrome is managed in a much more efficient way. In addition, there are options like this that are not available in mobile applications.

Once you have started the development of the Mountain View company, you must press the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right part of the interface and then in the drop-down menu that opens you must choose Configuration. Now, the next step is to click on Autocomplete in the area on the left.

Autocomplete in Google Chrome

In the area on the right you see a wide range of options where you must choose Passwords. Now you see a list of all the ones you have stored in Chrome and, then, you can check the specifics of each page by clicking on the eye-shaped icon (you will have to put the PIN or password of the computer). Now you see the information and you can check if it is correct. If it is not, you must proceed to remove it using the options they learn when using the icon with three points to the right. Unfortunately, there is no way to manually modify the data and, this is something that has to be improved in the browser of the Mountain View company.

PIN to see password in Chorme

Save the password again in Chrome

The steps to set a new password are simple: completely close Chrome and then open the browser. Access the website from which you have deleted the password and the data will be requested again. Use and correct and have finished. It is true that the process is not complex, but s longer than it should be at first.

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