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First data of the Samsung Galaxy S11: cameras, design and more

First data of the Samsung Galaxy S11: cameras, design and more

In the absence of a few days for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be official, the batch of rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S11, the first flagship of the company for 2020 that is expected to be officially announced in the first quarter of the year, if nothing strange happens.

There are still months left for that announcement but the leakers or filters have already begun to show the first data they know first hand about how this terminal will be. For example, it is known that the code name is that of the famous Malaga artist Picasso

Design inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As the S10 was inspired by the Note 10, the future Samsung Galaxy S11 will be based on the Note 10. At least that will happen with its front, which will barely have frames (something already almost obvious) and that will have a perforation in the top of it for the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 front camera

Unlike the S10, it is expected to be in the center of the screen and the hole will be smaller than in Note 10.

New cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera system

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to have better cameras than the S10, but the S11 would make a leap in this regard. And he needs it. Although the S10 is one of the best smartphones in this section (especially in video), there are manufacturers that have sold Samsung in features such as zoom.

It will arrive with Android Q and a new version of One UI

Android Q will be the version that is officially presented next month and the one that will use this basic mobile. Instead of One UI 2.0, it will premiere One UI 2.1, just like the Galaxy S10 premiere One UI 1.1.

At the moment they are the data that are known and although you always have to take the leaks carefully, there is nothing to suggest that Ice Universe is wrong on this occasion.