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as be you of the future

as be you of the future

There are applications that get viral thanks to a function that doesn't have to be useful, just nice. Others do it doing their job very well. An example that mixes both realities is what FaceApp has achieved in its latest update with the improved aging filter.

This app has been characterized in recent years by allowing us to imagine how we would be if we were younger or older. We've talked about her on more than one occasion, but now we do it again.

The reason? It has been updated and although there are not as many options as before, one of them is amazing.

Looking to your future with the app that makes you old

FaceApp has been characterized by having filters that allow us to modify our faces quite reliably. In the beginning we could get younger or change sex. In later updates we could even change race, become black or Asian.

The great novelty of the last update is that they have significantly improved the age filter, allowing us to see how we will be in a few years. And honestly, it's scary for how good it works.

How to use the option to grow old

In order to have our own version of our future self, we must install the application and once there follow these steps:

  • We open the application.
  • We select the photo we want.
  • We select the face if there is more than one.
  • Click on the age filter (we move the lower area to the left).
  • We select Age.

Now we simply have to wait for the filter to be applied and we can download the image or share it.

As you will see when you use it, the application is free but if we want to use all the options and filters we must buy the Pro version, which has a monthly or one-time cost, but it is not especially cheap.

However, in order to have our image of the future we will not have to pay anything.