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Your computer does not work? Follow these 5 steps to get your PC to boot

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If you are trying to turn on your desktop or your laptop without success, do not despair, there may still be hope.

There are different causes that can cause your computer to not start or stop working, just as there are different solutions that you can implement to get your PC back on as before.

In this article we gather the 5 steps you can follow to make your computer or laptop work again as before.

If you have already followed all the steps and have not managed to make your computer work, you may want to check our guides with the best laptops this year, and with the best cheap laptops in case you don't want to spend too much on a new device.

1. Check the charging source


This is one of the most common problems in laptops. There are several things that may be overcrowded about it: from the use of an incorrect power supply (with the wrong voltage), to a blown fuse in the plug.

Your power supply may also have simply failed or the battery may not work. Verify that the charger is suitable for your laptop, especially that they are from the same manufacturer.

Also check the fuse in the plug. Use a screwdriver to remove the fuse and install a new one, but first try plugging the charger into another socket.

Verify that the problem is not the cable, since sometimes the chargers are damaged. The weak points of the cable are at the ends connected to the central brick, and the part that connects to the computer.

Desktop computers

Sometimes, charging sources can also be a problem on desktop computers.

It is worth checking the fuse in the socket and replace it if it is damaged in order to reconnect the computer.

Inside the tower there is also a fuse whose status you can check by removing the cover and opening it to see if this is really the reason why your computer does not turn on.