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What aspects should be taken into account when buying a tablet

What aspects should be taken into account when buying a tablet

The tablet is a product that has never finished taking off in the market. Despite this, the main brands on Android launch new models every year and millions of units continue to be sold worldwide. As it is a device that gives many options at the time of use. But the buying process is important.

Because there are a number of aspects that must be taken into account when buying a tablet. If they are taken into account, the process will be much simpler. So it will be easier to find a tablet that fits what each user is looking for. What must be considered?

Use of the tablet

The first aspect to keep in mind is the use you want to make of said tablet. Each user may have a different use in mind, but this is something that will condition the purchase process. That is why it is important to consider this first. There are people who want a tablet to navigate, play games or download apps, in addition to watching series. That is, it is more oriented to a use for leisure.

While other users want to work or study with it, in addition to being able to browse or watch series in it. This will require that specifications are different in both cases. Since those users looking to work or study with it, they will have to use a more powerful tablet. Therefore, you will have to have a more powerful processor, in addition to more RAM and storage. So you have a good user experience at all times. Even a convertible may be a more recommended option in these cases. So it is important to consider this. Since it is a decision of great importance.

So it's good to sit and think what do you want to use this tablet for. Once this is clear, it may be simpler to start looking for a device that fits each user.

Screen size

In the tablet market there are quite a variety in terms of screen size. In addition, little by little you can see that the design of thin frames that is seen so much in Android smartphones begins to arrive as well. Something that certainly has a great influence on the design and the size of the screen. Logically, the use should be considered.

Although in the case of a tablet, both when watching series and work, you want a screen that is comfortable for the eyes. Therefore, in this sense, ideally a screen of about 10 inches. Many models on Android use 10.1-inch screens, so it is easy to find one that suits the user. But for people looking to work, it is possible that even some larger ones are better options.

Especially since in 12-inch tablets, whose selection is smaller, much more powerful processors are often used. What can help a lot in this case. Further, a larger screen allows you to work more comfortably, especially if you have several applications open at the same time. In that case, it clearly favors multitasking.

Also the screen resolution must be taken into account. Although if you do not want to spend too much money, you can bet on HD or HD + screens, which will work well. In somewhat more expensive models, you can see that there are any tablet with Full HD or Full HD +. Without a doubt, they will provide a better viewing experience. The panel used is also important. While most use IPS LCD, there are already some, such as Samsung that introduce the AMOLED panel.

Processor, RAM and storage

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Most processors seen on Android smartphones are also used for a tablet. So most users are going to sound and know more or less in which market segment the processors are located. Many tablets make use of Snapdragon processors. Samsung and Huawei maintain in this segment the same thing that happens in their phones, which make use of their own processors on tablets.

Users looking for a tablet for leisure (series, browsing, apps, etc.) can settle for a mid-range processor. A mid-range tablet is going to meet in this regard. It will give them a good performance to be able to carry out these tasks without problems. In your case, RAM should be at least 3 GB. Especially to make sure the experience is always fluid. Storage may not be as important, as long as the tablet allows to expand it.

When buying a tablet, it is necessary Check whether or not there is a possibility to expand storage. It may seem an unimportant detail, but it is something that gives a lot of freedom. Since it allows the user to insert a microSD card and have additional space with great comfort.