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The phones with the best battery

telefono con mayor bateria

When looking for the main differences between one and the other smartphone, there is one above the rest that turns out to be the most relevant, such as the capacity of your battery and the autonomy it offers.

And if your smart phone runs out of battery within a few hours of use, it will be of little use to have the best performance of all; you will have been out of play until you locate a loading point.

The data of the autonomy of mobile phones is something that users take into account with increasing weight when acquiring a new one. Without going any further, Apple iPhone models have been cited several times for having to be charged even at lunchtime.

You can check in this article The best iPhone, where we talk about the battery life of all of them.

The reality is that this is most likely due to the fact that we spend too much time looking and consulting their screens, and not only in daily commuting. Also at work these devices have come to the fore.

That is why we wanted to develop from PCWorld a special article about the battery life of all the phones that go through our writing. Many of them, designed to offer extra long battery life.

On the other hand, other high-end models tend to prioritize the design and usability to the detriment of this section, which leaves some users frankly frustrated.

The solution for many users involves the use of a powerbank or carrying the charger cable everywhere. But if you don't want to become obsessed with the icon and the amount of charge remaining, there is a selection of phones that may interest you.

Thus, the following list has the ten most recent phones that have offered us the best performances in this section, guaranteeing hours of use before switching off.

The capacity of the battery in detail

Battery capacity is measured in milliamps hour (mAh). The higher the mAh figure of a battery, the greater the technical capacity. But the phones with the highest milliampere hour (mAh) value are not always the ones with the longest battery life.

It is a factor that depends on the efficiency of the processor in combination with the software, as well as the amount of actual use of the phone. Expensive high-end phones are often faster and have better screens, but this means that the useful life of the battery turns out to be worse.

What to consider

Phones with high-quality QHD screens deplete the useful life of the battery more quickly than phones with lower resolution screens.

Therefore, it is necessary to set priorities. If you want a longer battery life, you may have to settle for a mid-range phone. Fortunately, this means that your phone will cost you less.

The vast majority of phones today have the feature of fast charging, although not all. Often, the cheaper mid-range phones have a great duration, but do not load quickly. Check this information before buying it.

What do the results show?

We use the battery test function of Geekbench 4 to get the time in minutes and seconds, but this is not an indication of how long the phone's battery will actually last.