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The Nokia Here Maps beta for Android is filtered

Se filtra la beta de Nokia Here Maps para Android

Nokia Here Maps for Android

Nokia Here Maps is already a reality, or at least it lacks very little to become it.

The reason is that one of the most anticipated applications is finally accessible for Android terminals, although excessively anticipated.

The application of maps of the Finnish company that Have an upcoming arrival at Android terminals, an arrival that has been advanced because of this leaked version.

Thanks to this filtration we can already useNokia Here Maps on any Android terminal, becoming an alternative more than feasible for its smooth operation to Google Maps and Waze.

The functions that we can find in Nokia Here Maps They are the same as the ones we already know about Google Maps and other similar applicationsand in this sense where much of its potential lies.

In this way we can navigate the world map, draw routes between two points, find places of interest as well as download maps so you can navigate _offline_.

Its installation is as simple as following 3 simple steps:

  1. 1 The first is Activate Unknown origins of our mobile in the Settings> Security section and checking the corresponding box.
  2. 2 Download Nokia Here Maps
  3. 3 We installed and opened it as if it were a normal application.

In my case I have been trying it one day I have to recognize that its operation is more than drinkable despite being a beta version, much more stable than I expected. And t what are you waiting to try it?

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