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The best keyboards for designers

teclados disenadores

If you are one of those who work all day in front of a computer in a studio, agency or office, using the appropriate peripherals and elements can give you significant advantages when it comes to addressing your projects and delivering them on time.

In fact, using an appropriate keyboard or mouse can offer you shortcuts or quick access to functions and thus spend less time on manual processes that are repetitive.

On many occasions we spend time evaluating what is the best computer, laptop or graphic tablet that interests us, leaving aside the rest of the devices that surround us.

In the article we cover, we show you a complete list of the best keyboards for designers, which include keyboards with customizable layout, lighting and specific function keys.

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There are applications such as Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom that allow the custom association of keyboard shortcuts. We have also included special accessories, such as the best mini keyboards and consoles designed for editing.

one. Logitech Craft

Logitech Craft

The best keyboard for general purpose designers

Among those analyzed, we have recommended it as the best keyboard for general purpose designers, because in broad strokes, to be the one that is best for a large majority of advanced users who use PC design tools.

Specifically, we will say that the Logitech Craft is useful for any user who uses Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic CC. In fact it works with both Windows platform and macOS, at least for Adobe tools.

It also offers LED backlighting in order to facilitate its use in certain lighting conditions. It stands out for its dial located in the upper left that you can use to control parameters of creative applications, as well as with programs such as PowerPoint and Word.

Logitech refers to the dial as a crown and works similar to the Microsoft Surface Dial, available for Surface Pro and Surface Studio equipment, so you can get an idea of ​​its possibilities if you have had the chance to use one of these devices.

Within Photoshop, to cite an example, crown management allows you to zoom in or out. Click on the top of the quadrant and the parameters of the tool you are using will appear.

If you find yourself using the brush tool, see that the turn will show you additional functions such as size, hardness, opacity or flow. You can press one or another choice by turning the dial as you go.

At this point, it should only be mentioned that the dial is not practical for those left-handed users who usually handle the mouse with their left hand.

The last update carried out by Logitech in its Craft model It already includes the support of more applications such as Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Reader DC and VLC Media Player on Windows, as well as preview in QuickTime and Safari. You can also handle Spotify on Windows and Mac.