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The best cheap gaming headphones of 2019

gaming user pc headset

The accessories for games on-line PCs, in general, have become quite expensive due to the increase in users that give after day are increasingly fond of this practice. In the case of headphones the same thing happens, because the highest quality and the best possible experience is sought.

Here, we take a look at some of the best cheap gaming headphones. You should appreciate the fact that they are comfortable to use during your long gaming sessions, and that the built-in microphone allows good communication with your opponents or allies.

Adjustable headphones with headbands and adjustable headbands are a good bet, since they allow you to find the perfect fit to each head. You must also decide if you opt for a wired or wireless headset.

There are low budget in which the manufacturer usually skimp on certain elements such as the quality of finishes or pads. In general, we have verified that you can find wireless models with prices around 150.

You may be interested in acquiring a model that, in addition to being compatible with the PC, is also compatible with an additional console or platform. In general, any PS4, Xbox One or Switch headset should also work on a PC, but this is not the case when it is transferred from a PC to a console, due to the connection methods.

The good news is that to avoid compatibility problems you can buy a headset with a standard 3.5 mm jack. This will guarantee compatibility not only with all consoles on the market, but also with smart phones and tablets.

If you opt for a wireless headset or USB connection, make sure you have the correct version for your configuration. Sometimes, just update the driver from the manufacturer to be able to use a PC headset with the console, making the most of it.

If it turns out that yours are not the games but you are interested in good headphones, we encourage you to read this article where we analyze the best headphones of the year. We also have a relationship of the best cheap headphones.

Finally, pay attention to those that offer immersive and immersive spatial sound, as they will allow you to capture the relative position of the sound for greater realism and to know the origin or location of the object. Allow you to duck when you hear shots or react to your opponents in the FPS games.

The best cheap gaming headphones of 2019

one. Razer Kraken TE

Razer Kraken TE

The Kraken TE (Tournament Edition) is a model that does not offer wireless connectivity, but, in return, it is committed to offering something unique among headphones with a similar budget, which is nothing other than the help of THX.

THX space audio simulates the correct position of a sound that sounds in a given game so that you can identify with great precision the direction and origin of the shots, as well as the steps or voices of characters around you.

Razer manages to offer an immersive and immersive gaming experience in front of its competitors in a price range that is not high at all. To do this, these green headphones have a 3.5 mm minijack connector that you can use on any platform.

Additionally, you have the physical THX Space mixer that is connected to the USB port of the PC, which also provides various controls on the volume, microphone and cancellation, bass and sound mixing. For its part, the green cord of the headset also offers a control to manage the volume.

Although there is a slight pressure after a long period of use at the top of the headband, it is not as noticeable as with other budget headphones. You can roll or unfold the microphone as you need it or not.