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The 70 best apps for Android of 2019

The 70 best apps for Android of 2019

A smartphone It is not really a smart mobile phone if you do not take advantage of the wide variety of applications that are available on platforms such as the Google Play store or the App Store for iOS devices.

But precisely because of the large number of apps that exist, it can be somewhat confusing to know which of them are the most appropriate for the uses that each user wants to give them. If this is your case, you are in the indicated article.

Next, we list a total of 70 applications divided into several categories designed to chat with friends, edit photos, listen to free music, play games, check the latest news, check your bank balance and much more.

Messenger Apps

Although today smartphones They are used for more than just calls and text messages, these two functions are still the main ones in any mobile phone, as they will help you contact your friends and family.

Any mobile phone includes an application to call and send SMS, but there are free alternatives that will allow you to do so through an Internet connection, and not from a telephone network.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of our favorite messenger apps is WhatsApp, since apart from being free, it allows you to send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice memos, as well as make voice calls and video calls.

Free | Download WhatsApp Messenger


For Android users, Skype is a good alternative to the FaceTime of iOS devices, as it also allows you to make video calls with one or more people at a time. It also includes a chat system.

Free | Download Skype


At PCWorld, we like to use Slack to contact our coworkers quickly. In fact, it is much more effective than a conventional email. You can create work groups and send photos and GIFs.

Free | Download Slack

Social media apps

If you are one of those who cannot live without social networks, nothing will make your life easier than having the applications installed on your smartphone. Some phones already come with the apps of the main platforms, but if this is not your case, you are interested in reading further.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

The most important and used social network in the world cannot be missing from your smartphone, nor can you miss Facebook Messenger, with which you can send private messages to your contacts in a much more comfortable way.

Free | Download Facebook | Download Facebook Messenger


Nor can you miss the opportunity to install Twitter on your smartphone, to help you know your friends opinion on any subject, be it the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a political scandal or the restaurant on the corner.