The 7 best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A80

The 7 best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A80

The 7 best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A80

Make yourself comfortable, take your brand new Samsung Galaxy A80 because we are going to tell you some of the best tricks and secrets to get the most out of this premium Samsung mid-range that has been on the market for a short time. With a really large 6.7 inch screen. Its innovative camera swivel mechanism, which turns the rear into front and vice versa, this new Samsung comes to satisfy the most adventurous palates in the sector. At the moment, we can buy the Samsung Galaxy A80 at a price of 643 euros in the Amazon online store.

Whether you already have it in your possession, to squeeze its functions to the fullest, as if you are thinking about buying it, to open your mouth, do not miss the tricks of the Samsung Galaxy A8 or that we tell you below. Save this page to favorites and return to it every time you want to try one. Although we recommend you try everything, you have nothing to lose!

Do not miss these tricks of the Samsung Galaxy A80

Activate rotation only for certain applications

Something very you when we want to rotate some application but, nevertheless, the rest we want to remain in vertical position. This, which can be achieved with some third-party applications (just look for ‘screen rotate’ in the Play Store) is incorporated by the Samsung Galaxy A80 as standard. The only thing we have to do is block the rotation of the device in the notification curtain until it is 'vertical' and then open the application we want to rotate. Now, look at the upper right side (or lower right, depending on the orientation) of the screen, which will appear a small icon with a mobile side. Press on this icon and the screen rotate automatically. When you leave, the device will continue with the rotation locked.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 01

Record a video with the background out of focus

Indeed, the front camera, which is also the rear camera, can record video in portrait mode, not just photography. So you can get videos with a very colorful blurry effect. To do this, in the application of the camera we will only have to rotate it and activate the ‘Dynamic video’ mode. Simply start recording and the blur will be selected automatically. An effect that users who use their cell phone to record YouTube videos will appreciate.

Activate the dark mode in the user interface

As a good Samsung terminal, the panel that incorporates this Galaxy A80 is Super AMOLED, so blacks are represented by turning off the pixels and not with a color. That is why many, they say, that put a black background and activating the dark mode helps them save battery. Whether this is a myth or not, what helps to put the dark mode in our applications is in sight. To activate it in this phone we have to do the following.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 03

  • Access the terminal settings
  • On ‘Screen’ press where it says ‘Night mode‘
  • On the next screen we have two options: either activate it and always carry the phone or schedule a time to activate the dark mode. The last decision is in your hand.

Lift the mobile to activate the screen

This Samsung Galaxy A80 has a fingerprint sensor under the screen and it works much better if we place your finger when the screen is on. Although, of course, it's a bit annoying to have to unlock the phone first, make the screen activate, and then place your finger. Wouldn't it be better to lift the phone and the screen turned on alone, then placing your finger to unlock it? We tell you how to do it.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 04

  • We will enter the phone settings
  • Then, we enter ‘Advanced Features’
  • Next, ‘Movements and gestures’
  • The first switch is the one you have to activate. From that moment on, the mobile will turn on as soon as it is lifted from the table or taken out of its pocket.

Take a selfie with the palm of your hand

This is not a specific trick of the Samsung Galaxy A80 but it is something that many do not know and it is to be able to take a selfie teaching the camera the palm of the hand. Such as. When the selfie camera distinguishes the palm of your hand, starts a timer, located in the upper right of the mobile. When the circle is filled, the selfie will be taken without you having to press any button. Thus it facilitates the task especially when they are group selfies.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 05

Activate the ambient screen with one touch

The ambient screen is a function that spends battery. As little as you spend, if we do not use it we will save a peak. But of course, having the option to use it, why are we going to waste it? There is a way, however, to activate the ambient screen and spend less battery, and is to activate it only when we press once on the screen. To configure it in this way, we do the following.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 06

  • We enter the device settings
  • Now, click on ‘Lock screen’
  • Look, on the next screen, where it says ‘Always on Display‘ Enter here
  • Now, in ‘Screen mode’ we will set how we want the ambient screen. We can choose between ‘Press to show’, which is what I recommend, ‘Always show’ or ‘Show according to planning’. This last option is also convenient to save battery because we will establish a schedule for the ambient screen, thus avoiding that it is 24 hours a day connected.

Configure navigation buttons or gestures

We have two ways to move around the Samsung Galaxy A80: or with gestures or with buttons onscreen. Both gestures and on-screen buttons have the same order of actions: from left to right, back, start and back. We can change the order if we enter the settings, screen and navigation bar. On this screen we will choose the navigation mode and the layout of the buttons.

samsung galaxy a80 tricks 07