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The 10 best phones with Dual SIM of 2019

The 10 best phones with Dual SIM of 2019

Having two SIM cards in the same mobile phone is possible thanks to the Dual SIM technology, which translates into the presence in a smartphone of two or more slots for this type of cards, corresponding to different phone numbers.

Surely you want to take advantage of this feature if you need different numbers for work and your personal use, but you don't want to carry two separate devices on top.

Having a dual SIM can also benefit you if you want to have two different types of contracts and use one for calls and text messages, and the other to surf the Internet. You can also use a SIM in your country and another if you often travel abroad.

In addition to listing the 10 best phones with two SIM cards, we will give you the keys to consider before making the purchase. You are also interested in consulting what are the best contract rates for single SIM or for the purchase of a new smartphone.

Keys to keep in mind before buying a mobile with Dual SIM

1. How does Dual SIM technology work?

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not offer too much information about how Dual SIM technology works and just announce that your product can work with a dual card.

In this sense, they do not usually specify the size of the cards that can be used with the model in question or if both cards are compatible with 4G connectivity. The only thing you have left is to do a quick research on the Internet to go on insurance.

All the smartphones This list works through the Dual Standby method. That means that both cards are on hold for the entire time and that you can only use one of them at the same time.

It will not be necessary, however, that you change the SIM manually or restart the phone every time you want to use the other. Of course, if you are calling with one of them, you will not receive calls made to you on the other number.

2. What is the difference between Dual Standby and Dual Active?

We have announced that the phones on this list come with Dual Standby because they can only be used one at a time. There is also the Dual Active method, which allows you to have two telephone lines running and receiving calls simultaneously.

If you have an Android phone, your operating system has a menu where you can specify which SIM card you want to use for calls, video calls, messages and mobile data. You can choose a SIM for each function or choose to be asked before.

3. 3G or 4G connectivity?

There is something very important about 4G connectivity that must be taken into account before buying a mobile with Dual SIM: you can only use this mobile phone with one of the cards at the same time.

In addition, you must specify in your settings smartphone which of them you want to use with this 4G connectivity. Of course, if you are using it on one of the cards and you receive a call on the other, this connectivity will be disconnected.

Instead, you can use both cards at the same time with a 3G mobile phone, somewhat slower when you want to watch videos on streaming or perform other tasks on the Internet than fourth generation connectivity.

4. Where are contacts saved?

You may worry where the contacts of both SIM cards will be saved, since nobody likes the idea of ​​losing them by mistake. By default, these will be saved in your contacts list smartphone.

You also have the possibility to hide the contacts of one of the cards. In the Contacts app on your mobile, tap on the three vertical dots, followed by Contacts to display. Now you can select the contacts of one of the two SIMs.