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How to select different languages ‚Äč‚Äčto search by voice on Google

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When a voice search, Google It only worked with a language that is predetermined. From now on, if the user speaks Many languages, you can change it in a few steps.

To do so you have to go to Google settings and then the user opens the voice section Y Search Languages ​​in the drop-down menu. This open a new selection menu with dozens of languages, each with a checkbox. Then you can select up to five of them for each phone, but it's good to make sure you check the default language option too.

Once selected languages, Google detects the language we use in each search, and directs us to the right translation engine. If the device has the loudspeaker activated, respond in the detected language.

It is not possible to mix and match words in several languages ​​in the same query, but this is much more comfortable than going to the settings every time we want to use another language.