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How to see the Super Cup of Spain 2019-20

How to see the Super Cup of Spain 2019-20

We will still have to wait until January 2020. The semifinal will take place on 8 and 9, and the final on 12. Organized by the Royal Spanish Federation of Soccer since 1982.

In the game, the two finalists of the Copa del Rey and the first two classified teams of La Liga are dueling each year. That is, according to the results, the teams will be Barcelona (winner of La Liga and finalist in the Copa del Rey), the Atlético de Madrid (runner-up of La Liga), Valencia (winner of the Copa del Rey) and the Atlético from Madrid (runner-up of La Liga).

The tournament could take place in Saudi Arabia, as this country is also responsible for hosting the Italian Super Cup. However, the president of the RFEF said that Saudi Arabia was not the only option they were considering, although they were clear that it will be abroad.

Below we explain the different options available to watch the 2019 Spanish Super Cup match.

How to see the Spanish Super Cup

The Spanish public network, RTVE has acquired the broadcasting rights of the Spanish Super Cup. That is why, you can watch the game open on the main channel of the La 1 station.

If you prefer to watch the game in streaming from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can do it through the RTVE official website.

You will only have to click on the upper Direct tab and select the appropriate chain once the broadcast time of the Spanish Super Cup is confirmed.

How to see the Spanish Super Cup from abroad

If you want to watch the broadcast of the match of Spain, but you are out of the country that day, or if you live permanently abroad, you can also watch the live RTVE broadcast through its official website.

Maybe the content you want to access is blocked outside of Spain, yet you can access it if you use a VPN connection.

A VPN connection, in addition to browsing in a safe and secure way, allows you to change the IP address, that is, to choose the country of the server from which you connect to the Internet.

There are free VPN as TunnelBear or Opera, and VPN that in addition to free versions, offer paid versions with extra tools. You can check our selection of best VPN of 2018 to choose the one that best suits your needs.

When you download the VPN you just have to start the program and select the country from which you want to connect, in this case, Spain.

Once connected from the VPN, your IP will be Spanish, which means that you will be able to access the RTVE content without problems where you are and be able to enjoy the game of the Super Cup of Spain 2018.

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