How to download Microsoft Word for free in simple steps

How to download Microsoft Word for free in simple steps

It is often thought (erroneously) that Windows comes with the Microsoft Office applications installed by the factory. However, I know that it is possible to download and install Word for free at Windows 10, another Windows, Android or iOS.

If you have a new computer or laptop and want to install Microsoft Office, there are ways to get it for free (although there may be some restrictions).

Here’s how to download Microsoft Word for free.

Download the free Office app for iOS, Android and Windows

You can download free Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), on a variety of different devices, including Android and iOS devices. To download Microsoft Office for free, just click on the links you will find below.

Although you can install Word for free, you should know that you will not have access to all its functions.

I know you can open and read documents for free, but you cannot create and edit documents for free on a device that has a screen with less than 10.1 inches.

This means that you can edit Word documents in a smartphone or tablet small, but if you are using a tablet larger, a laptop or a desktop computer, you can only open and view documents.

In iOS it is different: you can create and edit free Word documents on any iPhone, normal iPad, iPad Air or Mini, but if you have an iPad Pro or a larger Apple device you can only view documents.

You can download the free versions of Microsoft Office by clicking on the following links:

1. Download Microsoft Office for free on iOS:

2. Download Microsoft Office for free on Android:

3. Download Microsoft Office for free on Windows:

Try Office 365 for free

Being able to view documents is not enough. The easiest option to be able to use all the tools of the Microsoft Office applications is to subscribe to their service.

You can purchase Microsoft Office for 99 a year (if you pay everything together) or for 10 a month, if you decide to pay month by month. This payment option allows you to access all the tools of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, without any problem.