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How to avoid fraud when buying second-hand devices

seguridad fraude venta dispositivos

Many users turn to online platforms such as eBay to renew their smartphone or tablet, a market for buying and selling second hand devices in which there are a variety of frauds. Kaspersky Lab has collected the cheating most used in these online stores, so that anyone who wants to buy or sell any device does not fall into the trap.

First, Kaspersky recommends distrust of the user who offers their products at very low prices and with mandatory advance payment, since you can end up with a second-hand device instead of a new one, a broken device or even nothing. The only exception is when you buy a device from a trusted seller, for example, from an account of eBay That has a very good rating by a large number of users. Sometimes the hackers believe fake online stores in order to collect credit card information and other confidential data. In this case, both the person who sells and the person who buys can become victims.

Kaspersky He warns that they can also cheat in physical stores, where scammers selling broken devices do not let customers review their purchase properly. When the victims arrive home and open the box, they get an unpleasant surprise. Also, users run the risk of acquiring fakes They are sold as original devices, something that often happens with iPhones. To detect the fake iPhone you have to see if it runs with the Android operating system, for which Kaspersky It is recommended to turn it on and see what store it has, and if it is Google Play it is a fake.

On the other hand, when it comes to buying a second-hand device it may be stolen. To avoid this, it is important to verify the profile of the seller and the opinions of other customers; view other ads posted from the seller’s account; and, if possible, compare the code, serial number and IMEI of the box with the information given in the device configuration.

It is advisable that, in case of acquiring a repaired and restored terminal, it has been borne by its original manufacturer, since it ensures the quality of the repair. There have been cases of buying second-hand devices that are locked with the Find iPhone feature. In order for the device to work again, you must restore the default settings before buying it.

Finally, for the one who sells the device, Kaspersky It is recommended to clean it before, especially if there is important information in the device memory.