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We can already customize Chromecast with wallpapers

Ya podemos personalizar Chromecast con fondos de pantalla

Do you know that 35 device that allows us to view content from certain applications on our TV through Wi-Fi?

Yes, I’m talking about the famous Google Chromecast. This device has marked a before and after in its category, since little by little we see how more and more applications rely on their platform and throw themselves into the pool developing for Chromcast. Not to mention its tight price of 35, this if we buy it at the official Google store, but we can get hold of it for about 20 if we look a little. All this makes it a must-have device in our living room.

Well, pIt seems that the official application for Android has been updated with a new advantage. It is not necessary to improve the transmission of data or anything like that, but it is a personalization option. This option allows us, finally, to be able to use wallpapers for the screen of our Chromecast.

In the application we can select several themes: works of art, weather, news and of course, Personal photos we have on our device. This in my opinion was something necessary from the start, since it gives a very cool touch to our TV when it is at rest, but as in Google Chromecast everything is done little by little we were waiting for it to appear.

What do you think of this new option? Do you miss something on this device?