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Tricks to take advantage of the voice assistant on your cell phone | Technology and science | Mobile

Tricks to take advantage of the voice assistant on your cell phone | Technology and science | Mobile

Having a virtual assistant at your fingertips is not something new, but the constant evolution of systems like Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby gives them smartphones an increasingly intelligent air with a wide range of activities that you can now delegate to your cell phone.

These assistants are one of the most used artificial intelligence (AI) developments in the day for tasks that range from the functional, such as asking to be reminded of a medical appointment or recognizing the melody that sounds on the radio, until entertaining, with fun games and answers to challenging questions.

(Android | Download and watch videos may bring malware, developers alert)

(This is why we can't get off the cell phone screen)

Knowing the weather there will be tomorrow, doing a search on the internet or adding an event to your calendar, which sounds simple, has a great understanding of human language behind. According to Google, your assistant can understand more than 5,000 different ways in which someone asks you to set your alarm.

Although attendees are used on smart speakers and other devices, We show you some functions that you can take advantage of in mobile phones using the three most popular ones.

"Hey Siri"

Apple's smart bet came in 2011. Siri was born for versions of the iOS 5 operating system onwards and was one of the reasons why the Apple company consolidated itself as an innovative manufacturer by giving way to the first mobile phones capable of Do more than receive calls, messages or store content locally.

For years, Siri seemed to stagnate, but Apple has struggled to regain ground. Unlike other attendees, Siri achieves a voice-to-text translation that understands punctuation marks in several languages. So, is quite skilled to send messages for you, without having to touch your device. It also has integration to the AirPods, to activate commands with a touch or just by voice.Siri can communicate in 21 languages ​​and is present in 36 countries, it is compatible with Apple products, from iPad to Apple TV 4K and HD.

Siri users in Mexico, USA UU. and Canada can make restaurant reservations with the help of their assistant. Although some functions are not available in Spanish in certain territories, you can ask them to call a contact, read your latest messages, recognize the song that is playing, search your photos, find routes on maps or estimate how long it may take to arrive To a destination

What else could he do? Calculate a mathematical operation, translate sentences, find another Apple device, monitor the performance of an action in the stock market, recommend movies and search for music or podcasts.

It is an advance that recognizes the competition it faces today and sends the past the days in which Siri seemed relegated to managing the calendar and answering questions and rudeness.

In fact, an answer from Apple's intelligent assistant, in its first versions, inspires the title of a recent Unesco report in which the organization asks the world's developers to avoid gender stereotypes in virtual assistants. The report, called Id Blush if I Could, suggests that in the current state, these systems, in their majority of female voices, reproduce an imaginary of "servility" in front of the feminine image.

"OK, Google"

The first voice assistant from this manufacturer came to Android in 2016, as of version 5.0 of the operating system. According to Miguel Alva, marketing manager for Hispanoamrica of the Mountain View firm, he is part of the company's efforts to integrate its AI developments into various products.