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These are the best cell phones of 2019 that cost less than US $ 350

These are the best cell phones of 2019 that cost less than US $ 350


This is the best cell phone on this list … but we already tell you in the video.

Erica Argueta

Yes, cheap and good cell phones also exist.

While the sexiest phones are always the most expensive, those that cost less than US $ 350 should not go unnoticed, much less when they are devices that have a good camera, average processing and a battery that lasts at least a whole day.

In this Top 5 of CNET in Spanish we are going to tell you what are the cell phones that in the writing we consider the best in their price range, and that have obtained a good rating when we have tested them. You can also see here the list of the best cell phones of 2019, according to our writing.

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Cell phones for less than US $ 350 worth buying …


Honor 8X: US $ 189

It is the least recent cell phone on this list, but also the cheapest. Its about Honor 8X, a cell phone that we have stood out for being attractive, affordable, and for having a fairly decent camera for its price, of around US $ 189.

It has a fingerprint reader, headphone jack and a double 20 + 2 megapixel camera with artificial intelligence functions. Its screen is large, 6.5 inches, and comes with Android Oreo preinstalled. In addition, it allows you to increase your storage capacity.

Something that you will not love is that it has no wireless charge and is not water resistant, although the truth is not something we can ask for this price.

Clarification: CNET may receive a percentage of the sales generated by the products presented here. However, the editorial criteria of CNET in Spain is totally independent of these offers and promotions.

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The new Xiaomi Mi 9 SE arrives in these four beautiful colors.


Xiaomi Mi 9 SE: US $ 299

In position number four of this list we have the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with a price of US $ 299 and that has a mid-range processor, triple camera 48 + 8 and 13 megapixels, large and comfortable 6-inch screen and fingerprint sensor on the panel.

This cell phone has a good performance, but you should not be surprised by its three cameras because they are good, but it is not so much. Nor is it possible to expand its storage by microSD card. Its design and battery stand out, besides its 64GB storage and its 6GB RAM make it a good contender for those who constantly use the phone, run many apps and like to play.

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The Huawei P30 Lite is a beautiful phone with good cameras.

Rika Garca / CNET

Huawei P30 Lite: US $ 349

The Huawei P30 Lite It is in the third position of this list as one of the most attractive phones, not only for its good design and its large screen of 6.15 inches, but for its sufficient power for an average user; its triple camera with a very good performance; Night mode and traditional headphone jack.

However, the Huawei P30 Lite is one of the most expensive on this list, as its average price is US $ 349. You should keep in mind that although it has wireless charging, it does not have NFC for mobile payments or water resistance, although Huawei wants you to choose it among other things because it has fast charging, rear fingerprint reader and because you can expand its storage through microSD.