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The Sony Xperia Z3 "destroys" any other flagship in everyday use

The Sony Xperia Z3 "destroys" any other flagship in everyday use

Sony It has been showing off the battery life for a long time since its star product, the Xperia Z3, and apparently they were right.

During this weekend, The PhoneArena team has been conducting a complete study of the flagship of the Japanese firm. In these tests among others, they came across a curious fact and that is that the battery life is almost nine and a half hours, leaving other companies very touched on the issue of longevity.

The test consisted of establishing a uniform brightness and executing a task script in the. The result was incredible, for the sole reason that he only mounts a battery of “Only” 3,100 mAh, reaching over 4,000 mAh equippedof the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. But not all that glitters is gold, because the Xperia Z3 It has a charging time of four hours, somewhat longer than average, with su charger 850 mA of stock.

Finally, large technology companies have realized that a smartphone has a battery, becoming much more important than any other component. In fact, many of us consumers have expressed our complaint too many times and it was time to react. BecauseSony He has won a vote of confidence with these achievements, improving something that many of us considered lost.