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The best stylus for Android

The best stylus for Android

Among the wide range of stylus With those of the Wacom brand, we have chosen the Fineline 3 for its great versatility, since it automatically recognizes whether the tablet It's Android or an Apple iPad.

It has a microSD connector on top to be able to charge your battery with any compatible cable, with the incentive that an LED indicator will show you the status of the battery and if the device is paired with the tablet.

You can find it in four different colors (white, light blue, blue and black), while you can use it together with applications developed by Bamboo, such as Paper to capture ideas or annotations as if it were a notebook paper notes

Wacom Fineline 3 it can be activated or deactivated with a simple turn of the stylus, so that the case of the digital pen is also protected when you do not use it or carry it in your backpack during your travels.

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