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The best protectors for the Galaxy S9

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the Galaxy S9 Plus, are some of the best phones smartphone that exist in the market and as such, you should worry about protecting your screen against possible breakage or scratches. The falls are inevitable.

Fortunately, we have tracked the network to bring you some of the best screen protectors that can give you some security in the day-to-day use of your new terminal.

Many users worry about using a protective case, revealing the most important part of the terminal, which is none other than its infinite Infinity screen. Here are some solutions responsible for protecting the most precious.

As we tell you in each of them, some of the proposals have a guarantee for life. There are options for coating tempered glass, protective film or even liquid glass. Most are simple to use but some require some expertise.

You can also take a look at our report on the best covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Where you will find interesting ideas.

one. Zagg Invisible Shield Curved Elite

Zagg Invisible Shield Curved Elite for Galaxy S9

The first solution on the list comes in the form of a curved glass protector with an invisible shield from the Zagg company. It adheres to the Galaxy S9 as an adhesive and absorbs shocks thanks to its absorbent layer.

Of course, it is also resistant to scratches and fingerprints, with a level of protection that is supposed to be the most advanced of those launched by the company to date.

This does not prevent it from retaining touch sensitivity without causing annoying air bubbles. Zagg offers a lifetime warranty for this protector, so if it ever happens, you can get a replacement unit.

two. Dome Glass Galaxy S9 Dispersion Tech

Dome Glass Galaxy S9 Liquid Dispersion Tech

Dome Glass by Whitestone is the solution devised by the company to keep the S9's screen free of scratches. It uses a patented liquid glass system that disperses over the entire screen.

It hardens shortly afterwards in order to create an impenetrable edge that does not crack at the first change, the result of each one at a certain height such as the pocket or hand.

Additionally, the Dome Glass it can even repair certain cracks or imperfections that the screen of your terminal previously presents. To this you must add the fact that you can place a cover for the back of your Galaxy S9 without suffering incompatibility problems.

3. amFilm Galaxy S9

amFilm Full Cover for Galaxy S9

The screen protector with tempered video glass has a screen of great transparency in order not to affect in any aspect the level of brightness that emits the screen of your Galaxy S9.

Its thickness is 0.33 mm with a hardness of those considered 9H, in addition to having anti-fingerprint technology to prevent them from becoming visible after your first contact.

The protector is provided next to an installation tray of plastic to make sure that it is aligned correctly with the phone screen. From amFilm they guarantee that Dot Matrix technology reduces the appearance of air bubbles and the halo effect.

This protector is also compatible with most cases of the S9 by not invading the edges or back of the terminal. You can also find the equivalent for the S9 Plus or for the other flagship of the company, the Galaxy Note 9.

Four. QDos OptiGuard Glass Curve for Galaxy S9

QDos OptiGuard Glass Curve for Galaxy S9

QDos poses a rugged solution to protect the screen from edge to edge on the Galaxy S9. Like the Zagg Invisible Shield option, the curvature at the edges keeps the entire screen protected against bumps, impacts or scratches.

The hardness guaranteed by the manufacturer is 9H and is made of Japanese tempered glass of first quality of only 0.3 mm thick, so it does not imply any extra change in terms of the sensitivity of the touch screen .

Although it has a higher price, QDos offers a warranty for life. You can also purchase the version for the Galaxy S9 plus at the same price.

5. Olixar Galaxy S9

Olixar Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Unlike the majority of protections discussed here with tempered glass finishes, Olixar's solution is based on applying a thin film on the Galaxy S9 screen to maintain its integration against possible falls or bumps.

The main handicap What you will face if you opt for this solution, is that you will have to have some expertise to ensure that it is well applied, since you will have to smooth the air bubbles with an application card that is included in the package.

It is marketed with a package of two units, along with a screen cleaning cloth that you should previously use to remove dust particles. You can find Your counterpart for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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