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The best Honor phones of 2019

honor 20 pro review 10

Honor is already among the biggest brands of terminal manufacturers smartphone of last generation. In a few years, the company has ceased to be Huawei's second brand to rub shoulders with the biggest ones, including Apple itself.

its portfolio Initial was very small and select, offering models with similar specifications as a Huawei phone, but packaged in striking designs and differentiators that were marketed at a great price.

With the success in sales, your initial marketing focused on the sale on-line It has diversified to be present now in large areas and offer terminals with mobile operator plans. It is undoubtedly a great one to keep in mind.

This has been confirmed by his latest releases as the flagship Honor View 20 of which we have already made A complete review that you can check here. Its front camera perforated on the screen inaugurates the new era of smartphone of 2019.

Next, we review all the Honor models that in one way or another have passed through our hands, from the most economical to those that compete with the range premium From the market. Here is our summary of the best Honor phones.

You can also check our special article in which we review the 10 best smartphone of 2019 of the Huawei brand what can you buy.

The best Honor phones of 2019

one. Honor 20 Lite

Honor 20 Lite

The brand has decided to surprise us before the event with the first of the models of this Series 20, the Honor 20 Lite. The highlights of the Lite version are its triple rear cameras, the big screen with tiny bezels, and the camera selfie 32 MP

The Honor 10 Lite can purchased at Amazon for 199 , which means you are paying one hundred euros more for the new Honor 20 Lite (299). This price difference is worth it only if the three new cameras are important to you, that is, everything associated with the camera section.

In all other aspects, both phones have very similar specifications. The 20 Lite includes some other change in the design, but as we say, the cameras are the only striking difference you will find. Both phones are good options, yes, since they offer a spectacular value for money.

two. Honor View 20

Honor View 20

The Honor View 20 It has come to set a trend thanks to the perforated front camera on its screen and the holographic V effect that represents the finishing of its materials from the rear. Undoubtedly, differentiating elements with respect to what prevails in the market.

Based on a Huawei Kirin 980 processor and a 6 or 8 GB RAM (depending on model), the specifications are quite powerful and difficult to match, so that it rivals the most expensive phones, including Huawei Mate 20 Pro .

This has allowed Honor, for the first time, to be in the same conversation of the big names as far as the camera is concerned. Especially striking is the 48 megapixel lens and the ultra-clear AI mode with which to achieve excellent results.

The most demanding will miss certain features that we find in phone models premium, such as wireless charging or waterproofing, which does not mean that for most mortals, the Honor View 20 is a ten terminal at a price ten.