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The best gaming monitors of 2019

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Gaming monitors, as a rule, offer the best refresh rates, the best resolutions and the best gaming experience possible. Of different format and size, even with curved panel, we explain the aspects to consider when buying one of them, as well as the models with a good relationship quality and price to be acquired.

Purchase Advice

Then you can find a complete list of the best monitors gaming for PC. However, before investing money in one, check out the buying tips that we previously offer.

Resolution and refresh rate

One of the most important factors to consider is the resolution. If it is very positive to have a super high pixel density on the screen, so that the games and images look sharp and realistic, the extra pixel also implies greater graphic power.

You can also be tempted by one of the monitors with a UHD screen (also known as 4K models). They can handle 8.2 million pixels, which translates into better quality. But the greatest detail sacrifice pictures per second.

Current 4K screens are limited to 60 Hz. To handle games at this quality, you must also have a high-performance graphics card. The lower resolution monitors, meanwhile, offer an update frequency of up to 144 Hz.

Our advice is to opt for what QHD models currently offer with resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It is a higher value than that offered by a standard 1080p monitor without having to compromise the update frequencies.

You can always resort to the use of 1080p values ​​if the game in question does not run fast enough and the image display shows jumps.

You can take a look at this article in which we give you the guidelines to be able to choose the best monitor for creative professionals.

Panel Technology

The type of panel used by the monitor is the second most important aspect to consider when buying a monitor gaming. The best performance is usually associated with models with TN type panel technology.

Curved Nematic screens tend to have faster response times, which is more important for games than other aspects such as accuracy and color contrast.

The most common size you will find on the monitors will be 24 and 27 inches, but if you are looking for a larger one, your best option is to opt for an IPS or VA screen. Both offer viewing experiences premium, but at a higher cost.

With regard to curved panels, there are many who opt for this sensation of surround screen with a gaming experience that a priori seems more immersive than that offered by flat screens.

If you consider acquiring three monitors to overlap them with the entire Windows desktop, be sure to choose a model with the bevels as thin as possible, to reduce the gaps that remain between the screens.

Graphics with G-Sync vs Freesync

With the arrival of these graphic processing technologies, implemented by both Nvidia and AMD, what was achieved is that the monitors will adjust the update frequency to the output signal of the graphics card, avoiding certain synchronization delays.

Thus, there are currently two types of adaptive update: AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. Basically, both offer the same, but of course: each of them must be associated with the brand of graphic card or GPU that prevails in your team.