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The best covers for the Samsung Galaxy S9

galaxy s9 user

Both the Galaxy S9, and Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus, are terminals premium that were presented last year, which require a large investment. In this way, you should protect your screen and the terminal from breakage or shock.

Months have passed since its presentation and prices have fallen to the point where it is possible to find the Samsung Galaxy S9 at a price below 600 , while in the case of Galaxy S9 Plus, the current price is 598.49, descending almost 400 of its original launch price.

In this way, we wanted to compile a whole series of covers and protective cases to prevent the terminals from being damaged by a simple one or scratches on their screen.

In the event that you own the other model of smartphone The flagship of the company, the Galaxy Note 9, we also have this complete article in which you can choose between the best covers for the Galaxy Note 9.

We have not had occasion to try first hand all the ones we show in the article. However, we know the brands and have seen cases of quality in most of these brands for other phone models on the market.

one. Clear View Standing Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Clear View case

If you are looking for a case model in book format that protects the screen and the back, in addition to serving as a lectern stand to view multimedia content on the mobile, the Samsung official is a great choice.

It is a case that has demonstrated great functionality throughout the years throughout the saga of Galaxy models, such as the S8, S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8.

Its front cover is translucent in a way that allows viewing notifications, while retaining the touch functions of the screen even when it is closed.

For example, you can tap on it to answer or reject a call when it is received, which is a useful feature if you do not want to have to constantly open the protective case. If you drop your phone during a conversation, it will continue to have its screen protected.

The Galaxy S9 Plus version is available for 49.90 / 31.44 on Amazon.

two. Hyperknit for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hyperknit Case

Another of the great models offered by Samsung itself, which has been released with the arrival of the Galaxy S9 generation is the Hyperknit.

It offers a different surface so far, with fabric texture (similar to the fabric that is usually found in sneakers or running shoes), with which Samsung promises a corner-to-corner protection.

This lightweight case is also compatible with the Qi wireless charging that the mobile supports, a real advantage so that it does not affect the charging times offered and handled by compatible chargers.