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The best backup software of 2019

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The importance of the data has become so critical that no one doubts in resorting to software backup or backup programs that guarantee the integrity of the information in the event of a catastrophe, loss or theft of information due to a computer attack.

Unlike physical documents, digital data is easier to find and locate on our mobile devices or devices. But in turn, they are still vulnerable to the possibility of being deleted or deleted for what backups come into play.

Although the main operating systems such as macOS and Windows have a series of tools that allow you to launch a backup, it is convenient to use more advanced and professional solutions that allow you to recover different versions of the copies made.

That is why it is convenient to invest a small amount of money in one of the programs and software of backup which we propose here, some of which are free. Although the reliability of the systems has improved integers, the backups can take you out of a big squeeze, as happens to companies.

What to look for in a good software of backup?

The backup programs can be divided into two categories, either to make copies of files, with incremental copies of files, or for image copies of the disk to recover a computer that causes problems when it starts.

If you want to have a backup copy of your complete computer with its operating system and applications installed, you will need an image creation tool. If, on the contrary, what concerns you is your data, opt for a software backup focused on copying files.

The tools that generate disk images have to back up the entire hard drive of your system, byte to byte, so you will need an internal or external hard disk, or a network disk of the so-called NAS with sufficient space.

Check here the best external hard drives and SSD for backup copies of your files.

Another modality is to choose to make backup copies with cloud storage. These services, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, are not for backups, but rather to access files from any device and at any time.

Some programs are designed to back up data stored in the cloud, allowing new files to be copied to a PC or mobile device once they are available.

Choose the software correct is a process that involves deciding what type of backup you are interested in having in order for the software Offer the right functionality.

It is important that the backup be carried out at the appropriate time, and that it does not interfere with the performance of your equipment.

Here is a tutorial on How to make free backups on your PC.

If the files are considered sensitive, the vast majority of programs already include encryption options to protect them and prevent access by third parties.

Then we offer the best options in the market, some of which are free.