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The 10 best cheap mid-range phones

The 10 best cheap mid-range phones

You need a new smartphoneBut you don't want to spend a lot of money? Below we offer you our selection of the best smartphone Cheap available. All of them offer a good value for money and will be a successful purchase for those and those who have a tighter budget or who prefer not to spend much money on a new smartphone

Before starting, it is convenient to specify what we understand as cheap or economical (in relation to value for money). Our selection of cheap phones includes those that cost between 200 and 500 euros.

We include in the list phones that have offered very competent prices since their releases, but also phones that, due to their age (some are from last year), have lowered their prices.

What to consider before buying a cheap mobile

Some of these cheap phones generally offer a good value for money, with very competent features in all areas.

Of others, however, we can highlight a particular feature such as the camera or the screen, (sometimes even offering better qualities than the more expensive cell phones).

Chinese phones are a great option in the affordable mobile phone market, since they usually make a very good balance between quality and price.

Examples of this are the Xiaomi or OnePlus brand. Both offer amazing quality compared to other well-known brands.

Sometimes they don't have to have perfect features in all areas. That is, although these phones are not as fast as the most expensive phones (in general), their speed may be more than enough for most users.

We recommend choosing a phone that balances the price, performance, functions and design in a way that you, and only you, can conquer.

The 10 best cheap phones of 2018

Moto G7

Moto G7

The Moto G7 Not only is it the best Moto G phone yet, it is the best mid-range phone that can be purchased today.

Obviously, if you spend more than double you can get a better phone, but this is an article of mid-range phones, so if you are here it is because you surely prioritize the price to the processor, screen and high-end cameras.

If that is your case, the Moto G7 It is the best option you can currently invest in. It has Android 9 Pie, a 1080p screen, good battery life and decent performance on a premium phone. It does not disappoint.

Asus ZenFone 6

Instead of following the trend of perforated chamber notches and cuts, ZenFone 6 It offers an innovative Flip Camera system that provides a high-end shooting experience on the back and front, without compromising screen space.