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revealed its most important characteristics

revealed its most important characteristics

Gradually the time is approaching when the new range of smartphones Google Pixel 4 be announced (with Android Q inside). These arrive with the objective of competing with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and several of the characteristics What will they offer

Some of the details that will be part of this new product range are already official, such as part of its design and even that the front camera Google Pixel 4 include the Soli recognition technology that allows the use of the terminal through gestures. But, now, some of the components that will be part of the two smartphones prepared by the Mountain View company have been published and everything indicates that they will be announced at the beginning of this autumn.

Official design of the Google Pixel 4

Thus, for example, it has been known that OLED screens, which offer each of the two models that will make up the new product range will be the following: 5.7 inches for the Google Pixel 4, while the Pixel 4 XL model will have a panel of 6.3 inches. The resolution, by the way, be Full HD + and QHD +, respectively. A very interesting detail in this component is that the frequency to offer is of 90 Hz, so the visual experience be very good, even with games.

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This is part of the hardware of the Google Pixel 4

If there is something that is really clear is that the new devices will have the processor Snapdragon 855, which is the most powerful that Qualcomm currently offers for the smartphone market. In addition, the two components of the Google Pixel 4 range will have 6 GB of RAM, the first time this happens in a mobile terminal of the American firm. It is also important that they can be purchased with 64 or 128 gigas storage (as always, not offering support for expansion between memory cards).

Where I know that there will be differences between the two versions of Google Pixel 4, it is in relation to the battery charge, something logical since the dimensions of the screen and, by extension, of the smartphone- are different. The smallest model have an amperage of 2,800 mAh (somewhat surprising, since it is even less than what is offered by the Pixel 3). For its part, the most bulky terminal has a component with 3,700 mAh being in this case greater than what is offered in the model it replaces in the market. By the way, the chip Titn security not missing in both phones.

A final detail: it is confirmed that the two models of the Google Pixel 4 range will arrive with a rear camera with two sensors (12 + 16 megapixels, the second being used as a telephoto lens). The truth is that they point good ways, it is true, but we must see how is the final design of these devices and if the user experience is appropriate. What do you think about what has been known? Can these phones compete with the best in the market?

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