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New Easter egg hidden in Chrome Beta

Nuevo huevo de pascua oculto en Chrome Beta

Google easter egg

We are more than used to seeing "mini-games" or "Easter eggs" in everything that surrounds Google. We can see this con the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop, which brings us a little video game similar to angry birds a little hidden. It is not the first version of Android that incorporates it, and it is never the same. Well now it seems that applications also add to this initiative to include small games that are unlocked when we do something that is not very normal.

Google Chrome Beta has been chosen to include this latest home brand game.Do you remember the inert dinosaur that appears when we don't notice any type of connection?

Well, in the new beta of the Android browser, we can see how it comes to life in a somewhat peculiar way. This pixelated dinosaur comes alive in a video game in which you will have to overcome cactus while running at full speed. Let's not think that he has anything from the other world, because I already tell you that it is not so. It is simply a dinosaur running and jumping, Let's stop counting. Well we also have an accountant that shows us the highest score and the current one.


Come on, I'll tell you how you can play. The first thing is to download the beta for Chrome (download at the end of the post), once you have it installed you just have to activate avin mode or disable both WiFi and data and access the browser. We will see the dinosaur on the top right and just touch it we will start playing.

The dynamics of the game is quite simple and it seems not, but it hooks. I don't know if you have markers worldwide, but it would be interesting to know the name of the Chinese who goes first.

Well, if you happen to run out of data, you do not have a WiFi point, you do not have any games installed on your phone and miraculously if you had installed the Chrome beta you can start to get involved playing with the Google dinosaur.

What do you think of the idea of ​​introducing small games?

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