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Love for the iPhone in every free: fault of Huawei or Samsung? – Video

Love for the iPhone in every free: fault of Huawei or Samsung? - Video

Hello hello, neighboring friends in Spain and this week, it seems to be in every free one, and the company has presented its financial results and Alfonso is selling less.
What is expected and he is eating the cake supports we will try to know today.
And we also tell you what the PC clock four and also what we can expect from the galaxy brides that will be presented next week.
I am Csar al Saltillo Juan Garca in the Encinas week in Spain.
Meet Bush presented his financial results this week and although the company had enough income in earnings has not been.
As big as expected they already know that Apollo being too many figures on the sale of the cup.
But one of the important things that we have seen different analysts is that it seems that in the last years and we compare that picture we will see that contribution is selling less phones and that it seems to me that the.
Action for the rest is falling because we have also seen this week a study related to this you think Abu lovers.
They are declining throughout the world.
Well I think that it also has to do with the market a little saturated, it really helps to get a little stuck in different aspects, the more expensive phone is fine, I think that less people also have access to be able to compare their device.
Different analyzes showed that in the top five the five companies that sell the most phones to the population are undoubtedly the most affected but the same in the world total in the number of units sold walks a little.
So there are many things that are present at the moment we need to wait until September to see how new they find in that there is no reality was to conquer their users to their fans that already has for so many years and probably also attract some who have been using phones.
We are going to reveal.
How is that picture.
Sales of mobile devices and what we are going to say is the top five of the company that is currently living more phones at the moment of a hundred and five stock market, but first we will know in detail how the profits have already been with that in the last quarter embarrassing for the denying palette with our editor in chief Gabriel San.
Of course, if Csar good we know the results of the third quarter. Fiscal. Supportive and this only despite the fact that we saw an important one in the sale of iphones.
The company said this is its third quarter. Clippings in a plus has sold throughout its history and the funny thing is that despite.
That the iphone represents each time. Less in sales in proportion.
For the company and other categories such as good theft accessories. Or even the services for which the company has bet a lot since they have grown in terms of total sales what has happened with that of Funes that since the end of last year we do not know how many units are selling nicknames because since they launched the iPhone ten.
The trend was to sell fewer units despite whether Hernn earning more or less the same or even a little more.
What is happening hours that the total sales in dollars are already falling in the last three months have fallen compared to the previous year and what has had to be to Poveda has been as I already mentioned propping up. Other categories that will be the trend that we will see more and more.
Specifically with the launch of support and related company is expected to have many subscribers and that helps to compensate a little on the other hand the positive of all this is that there is not so much dependence on the iphone because remember.
That it became two thirds of the total sales of the company.
Today they are below fifty percent that depends.
Less than half.
Nickname sales come from the iphone and this although it is not.
Terribly positive that sells less iphone the good thing is that it no longer depends so much on a single device and that the company wants or is not diversifying more.
Well we see how towards the financial results of tree for this last quarter ammonia interesting is that it already remains in that top five but it is no longer level the company that is selling more phones during the last years in fact.
Which company Juan has more phones at this time.
Well, Samsung certainly does not know how many years it takes the first one, but what it did this year is that it has now increased the difference with which it places its number two.
For the number three later there are other companies with for example Chao my Chinese company and then it is shortly if I am not mistaken or call me another Chinese company that we know even less because it sells fewer phones in this part of the world focuses a lot on that Asian market and that way it was successful amounts to be incremented.
Well the most interesting thing Juan is analyzing.
The second quarter of two thousand and nineteen that just entered the months of May and June and interesting to analyze this photograph because in May June when Juan or the tube had more problems with the United States and I wondered, do you think this affects Juan's good sales and that they force In three the company grew.
Less than last year because burning today continues to come many phones and had an increase in the sale of cell phones but maybe this fight with this Ulysses some people.
They do not buy Juan's telephones today, he cried interesting disarmament that he would also need to see in the next financial reports because obviously that was also to increase that there are people who love Powell so much he will buy the telephones before he votes, it is not that they cease to exist at that point We don't know what's going to happen.
And others who obviously with this insecurity sold their phones or chose others.
Other brands, not like this one, are also soon going to be, without a doubt, the processes that Juan had today because he had to work more in planning with the United States, not his operative devices against the next quarter, we will see that soon the development of his telephone centers was traced a little They are going to release fewer phones, some of them surely canceled with the computer.
Then soon I can affect in a certain way the results that in the next quarter Juan ue and we can know that it is also manufactured to continue continuing in the next quarter and probably the next one, that is, in the route that Spain United States which there is a pipeline Carrasco
Zen Che being there, it remains to be seen what this means is still having problems because it does not mean that this has come to an end in a certain way and Juan Weir's doors were opened a bit but he still does not arrive in the United States to sell his devices as he wanted
That says that on this occasion he has been working is with – to develop also do not be smart and but cancel it before many problems here until you can really open those doors fully enter the United States and sell your phones to compete better with Samsung which is the current leader.
And also with support it really has an important presence in states.
We do a quick number tomorrow I have here on the tablet eleven percent growth in the second quarter two thousand seventeen today said fourteen point nine percent in two thousand eighteen and in two thousand nineteen only fifteen point eight percent of the men points say that he has been growing more than three points and twenty less than two points in this quarter to contest three.
That Samsung benefited from this final accounts.
I believe that without a doubt San Juan's main competitor or the biggest competitor in the world of all kinds of phones and the biggest in Android while a person was there is the pamela thinking together to buy I still hesitate to buy a power phone vote in Paul phone the next option usually Samsung fish.
What in an option that people are considered as reliable according to the known company made us the comments here on the channel and destined in Spain also many of these people who are good do not buy a young aranoa pass to sanction because the company I know I don't want my phone on.
Problems and expenses so much money talking about so much money phone Jamaica we are waiting for.
Soon the fourth brush of the fall will come Juan and the many rumors tell a little what are the novelties of this phone Google and the truth Bush of the popular.
But it always has the biggest news we are.
The reason for this is interesting, the problem is that I think it is popular because obviously no goal is a new company at least selling or creating cell phones, obviously it is the owner of Android for the developer for many years but as jaguars of phones.
It was relatively new previously had links that is another totally different story how interesting this occasion is to the dome is revealing.
News of the PC four months before they present it generally represent in October and the last few weeks until the last month has presented important news presented the back and confirming that it will have at least two rear cameras may have up to three.
The image is not completely clear and another novelty that I announced precisely this week will have advanced facial recognition.
Three of and also decent quality Sols technology that is basically a radar that allows you to control different functions without touching the phone.
Very similar to what we saw on day eight.
But obviously that more advanced technology what they show is that with just dead palm it is to skip a song.
We have that more functions can then make the problem very interesting to know if you can really generate so much attention with this technology class something that the Chinese achieved with the set.
Phone G eight that took the lead failed because it was not bought as much as it probably likes from the company.
Good sper interesting thing that we will surely be able to hear better.
And in the mouth of update before those against Encinas point with diagonals of and also of course our channel read in is the version.
Juan Mar has been rich in updating and also how not to talk about galaxy no ten because next week comes but I first want to have the recommendation of the week and that is why we will connect with Patricia Fuentes.
Whether or not we decide that we have to Patricia movies series that good this week.
Hello Csar and to which then if this week I wanted to talk about a film premiere. In netflix.
That they open on Wednesday this week in fact and it is the last film of Chris Evan is titled the reduced in the spring.
Its funny because it is the typical movie that has titles in several languages ​​in Spain is titled rescue in the dead sea baby in Latin America for full hands.
Forget the title in any case is starring Chris manifests based on real events.
In a rescue of refugees. What several agents of the intelligence agency did. Israel Mossad
NN in Sudn during the eighties has a point that was swept away with that film by Ben Affleck.
I have a few years ago that I won several scar and I don't know if it has the same long quality but it is clear that it is the ideal summer movie.
Perfect light spas. E in entertaining.
Without too many pretensions. I recommend it a lot and well we already know that many of the other original netflix titles.
As to see box e or as a sanctity writer, the truth is that they delivered a lot of success so I'm curious to know how many people are going to see this movie but maybe you can read it.
The criticism about it in cinema dot com of a church and also sections leave in the description describes.
Thank you, Patricia, for that recommendation, so Juan has nothing left for the galaxy, not a week comes Juan goes to New York.
Go from there live with part of the pool cinema team in Spanish.
I am going to be here very nervous but it does not matter because we are also going to provide coverage from our central office in San Francisco for less with the course Mexico in Spain we will be all the team working with this Juan but that is what we expect.
What are the novelties what is the duo.
Well, that presentation on August 7 for next week is expected at least two versions may have up to three and Ireland not a regular day not a ten plus the most advanced version a certain way and another version five that not all will be sold parts of the world that will have five connectivity similar to what it did.
LC ten five.
Bring new features in the front camera will now be through a hole to assimilate what we have in that god but only a camera not as God does despite the fact that it has other advanced versions and now be located in the central part as it did a corner.
I like this appearance more, but not those of the state, the experience that I have prepared asymmetrically as attractive will not be impacted more.
And something unfortunate not to see micro slot headphone jack is supposedly single plus version.
I don't regulate them, there are many changes in a certain way, it is difficult, I think it is how to be able to differentiate with those made beyond that front, without a doubt, the main characteristic of these.
Well let's see all this at the launch the week off of all this information of forty based on rumors already know that the quote before much more details of this Juan.
Thank you for giving us this preview today also seen some of those images and make Csar Salazar and Juan garza and station the Encinas week in Spain.