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Instagram start introducing advertising very soon

Instagram start introducing advertising very soon

As we all know, Instagram is an application dedicated to photography, which allows us to share all content that we upload with our followers. This content can be in the form of an image or video. Come on, a whole social network.

It is not the only social network that allows us to do this, but certainly the most famous in this range. Even so, being the one that has more relevance and more downloads, since Facebook bought it for one billion dollars, it has not had any form of monetization.

But this has just changed, thanks to an image that Charlotte Williams published on her Twitter profile, we can know that in a little (a few weeks) Instagram will begin to advertise her application.

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<p>This advertising will be a bit different from what we have in mind, since it is not a banner with an image that shows an advertising campaign. If not, they will be sponsored publications. This is nothing other than paying for "likes" and for your publication to be more visible to other users. This method can be seen on Twitter currently with sponsored twitts.</p>
<p>In principle, in the publications we will see a symbol that will be shown if it is sponsored. So let us know why we are viewing that content.</p>
<p>This way they have chosen, is none other than a way to monetize their application without users complaining too much. And if, as expected, these sponsored publications will normally be company campaigns and related things, we will not see an image of a personal profile.</p>
<p>All this is practically confirmed, and only remains to be launched in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. If successful, it would only be a matter of time before we begin to see it across our borders.</p>
<p>What do you think about the way Intagram has chosen to make money?</p>