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How to watch Netflix US from Spain or Latin America

How to watch Netflix US from Spain or Latin America

Netflix is ​​one of the best platforms in streaming today, especially for the great offer of movies Y TV series of quality that it has. Now, the viewers of the United States are the ones who take the best content.

If you are also tired of having to wait for the new season of your favorite series to be released in Spain or that some foreign productions never reach your country, we have the solution.

As we explain in this article, all you have to do is get a VPN connection, which allows you to fool Internet servers and make them believe that you are connected from that country of the Netflix version you want to visit, a process illustrated also on the Anonymouster page.

Before proceeding, you should keep in mind that the process that we will describe below goes against the terms and conditions of use of the platform. Also, on certain occasions it may not work.

Has Netflix blocked the use of VPNs?

Before, it was enough to install a VPN to see content available only on Netflix US, but unfortunately for those who used that trick regularly, the platform has begun to block certain services of this type, so now they do not all work.

In fact, in early 2016, Netflix announced its intention to prevent its users from taking advantage of a VPN or a proxy to access exclusive content from another region to, thus, respect the copyright of each geographical location.

Thus, VPN servers are constantly forced to have to invent new strategies so that their clients can continue using the private virtual network to watch movies and series from the Netflix version of another country.

This means that you may find that the VPNs mentioned in this article temporarily stop working from time to time if Netflix has managed to block its service. There is no VPN that guarantees access to Netflix forever.

You should also know that the platform in streaming has warned that customers who use a VPN to view content in a foreign version may be penalized with limited access to the content of their own country.

We doubt that Netflix begins to take from the platform those who use a VPN, but in its terms and conditions it is clear that they reserve the right to do so. After all, they must protect their own business.

How to use a VPN to watch Netflix US from your country

If you have arrived here it is probably because, despite our warnings, you do not mind taking a risk and want to access the American version of Netflix s or s. The first step is to download a VPN connection. Find Free VPNs or of payment.

The operation of the VPNs is practically the same for all, whether they are applications that you can install on your computer, tablet or smartphone or these are extensions that you add to the web browser of your choice.

Here are the steps to follow as an example NordVPN.

one. Go to the website of NordVPN and hit the button Get NordVPN. In this case, being paid, you should choose between several plans, according to the regularity with which you want to pay the subscription.

two. Once you have created your account, download the application and install it on your device. If you want to use the VPN on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend reading this tutorial from Macworld Spain.