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How to watch Carnival Row, the great bet of Amazon Prime Video

How to watch Carnival Row, the great bet of Amazon Prime Video

You still haven't heard of Carnival Row? It is the fantasy series set in a Victorian futuristic world that Amazon Prime Video has opted for.

The production reach the series and movies platform in streaming from Amazon on August 30 in the original version, that is, in English. We will have to wait until November 22 to see the dubbed version in Spanish.

The series, directed by Ren Echeverra has a cast that will please many and many: Cara Delevigne, Orlando Bloom and Paul McGuigan, among others.

They all represent characters that live in a fantastic world in which different mythological creatures will have to live with humans in the same space. The main plot revolves around some murders that have taken place that will surely be the cause of the bad relationship between fantastic beings and humans.

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Where to watch Carnival Row

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular platforms for watching series and movies alongside Netflix and HBO. As we explained above, Carnival Row is one of the biggest bets of Amazon Prime Video

To be able to see the thriller of science fiction you will have to Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. You can try the free service for 30 days, then you will have to pay a fee of 36 a year.

When you have your subscription you can download your series and movies on your portable devices thanks to the app available for Android or for iOS.