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How to limit data usage on Android

How to limit data usage on Android

If you do not have an unlimited data rate, and you do not connect to a Wi-Fi network, it is very easy for you to quickly end all your data, and even end up paying extra money. Below we explain how to minimize the use of mobile data in smartphones Android

When it is time to choose a type of contract with a mobile phone company, it is difficult to predict how much data you will need. It is worth looking at invoices from previous months to see how much data you have consumed and to calculate how much data you need.

If you wish, you can also consult our article on best deals on mobile with contract or if you wish, about The best SIM cards without a contract.

Data is not consumed only by watching YouTube videos or by entering Facebook. Sometimes we have open applications that use data and connection. Email applications are a good example of this, as they are continuously connecting to servers to check if you have new messages.

Application updates often consume a lot of data as well, although Google Play allows you to configure it so that updates are only carried out when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The good thing is that it is possible to easily control which applications are spending mobile data. Android has tools that let you know when you're approaching your monthly data limit, set your own limit or disable them.

Below we show you how to reduce data usage and make sure you don't pass the limit.

How to update apps only with wifi

This option is simple. You just have to open the Google Play application, tap on the icon with the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner and choose Settings

In section general, touch on the option Update applications automatically.

If a window opens with two options, choose the option to update applications automatically only via Wi-Fi.

How to disable data connection on Android

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the icon that says Mobile data.

You know that the icon is deactivated because it is no longer highlighted in one color (blue in most of the phones).

In this way, you will be completely deactivating your connection to your data rate. I know you can connect to a Wi-Fi network and use the Internet (if one is available), even if your data is deactivated.

How to set a data usage limit on Android

If you want to set a limit to use a certain amount of data in your smartphone Android in a month, or create a notification that warns you when you are reaching the limit, follow the steps below.

Go to Settings> Mobile data, and check that the graph that appears represents the same time period of your billing period, that is, that the date you pay each month your mobile data rate matches the one that appears on the graphic of you smartphone Android