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FireTube, withdrawal from Play Store

FireTube, retirada de Play Store

Do you know when an idea is good, there are rumors of its arrival, but it never comes out and someone else copies it?

Well, this is what happened to YouTube with its supposed subscription to listen to music for $ 9.99. That a third party has taken the idea and copied it.

This service has been rumored for quite some time, promises unlimited YouTube music for $ 9.99. Yes, just like Google Play Music, only by viewing the platform’s videos. It’s a good idea without any doubt, but by not putting it into practice, someone has taken it and captured it on FireTube, an application to visualize all this content that I am talking about, but for free.

The YouTube music service created by third parties allows us to listen to music anytime we want. This music is from YouTube, so any song that is on the Google platform can be viewed in this application.

The application has everything fromBackground playback, current music search, synchronization of lists on different devices, etc. Yes, finally, it is what we were expecting 90% of the Android community. An application that allows us to view YouTube content unlimitedly and free.

Well, stop drooling, because everything good ends, and in this case it has done quite quickly. The application has been removed from the Play Store for no reasonIt has simply disappeared. We assume that for breaching some term. Since, when downloading the video independently does not enter advertising in any of the cases and this Google is clear that it will not allow it.

Yes, for a moment we have dreamed of a beautiful world full of unlimited music, but no, we are already in the real world and for the moment this cannot be. Even so I will keep you informed of anything that happens with this wonder made application.

What do you think of the idea?