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Error: insufficient space on Android? We explain how to fix it

Error: insufficient space on Android? We explain how to fix it

Normally, most of smartphones Cheap Android come with at least 16 GB of internal memory, but there are still some phones that do not have so many GB.

In this case, it is very likely that the Android operating system occupies much of the internal memory. You only have to download a couple of applications and save some photos or videos to bring the available memory to the limit.

If your internal memory smartphone Android is so limited, surely you have ever seen the message: Insufficient memory, especially if you try to update an application already installed or if you are trying to install a new app on your Android mobile.

You may have already done everything considered obvious, that is, delete unused applications, insert an external microSD memory, clean your download folder or even delete all your photos and videos.

Sometimes we also get to restore the smartphone to its factory settings, and the insufficient memory error continues to appear.

Why? Memory cache

If you don't feel like having to replace your device with another one that has more internal memory, don't worry, you can still fix your device. smartphone Android if you know how to eliminate unnecessary cache memory.

How to erase cache memory on Android

If you have already deleted all the files that you do not need and the insufficient memory error message still appears, then you need to delete the cache memory of your Android device.

1. Clear all cache memory

In most of smartphones Android is a simple task. You just have to open Settings in the start menu, and go to the section of Storage.

If you have a microSD card in which you store data from files and applications, two options will appear: Internal shared storage and SD card.

Touch on the option of Internal Shared Storage and then about Data stored in cache

A window will open that will say: Delete data stored in cache ?, select OK to delete all the cache of applications.

In this way, you are deleting all cache data from the phone, but if you prefer to delete cache data only from certain applications, then you can do so by going to the settings of each application.

2. Clear application cache individually

To delete app caches individually, go to Settings> Applications.