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5 classic mobile games worth recovering

5 classic mobile games worth recovering

Currently the Google Play Store It has such a number of games that we would need several lives to play only in half. Many of them are casual, many repeat the same formula for success, but there is also a good amount of titles that remain unchanged despite the passage of time. And it is just what we will do today: recover a handful of mobile games that, despite having a few years on Android, continue to be a great option to entertain for hours.

Throughout our career analyzing applications, the games we have enjoyed have been countless. There were some that evolved in the form of a saga, there are the Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Cut the Rope, for example. Although there were many other games that had no continuation. Even many stopped updating, a shame for the current generations.

What five Android mobile games Would we rescue from oblivion to replay a game? The election has been difficult, but we have opted for the following five titles. All are of high quality and maintain the type even if a few years have passed since they first appeared on the touch screens.

World of goo

It is one of those games that contain graphic appeal, a lot of charisma and a growing difficulty that is sweetened by the appearance of the objects that are handled. Because, are you able to overcome the levels by joining small living balls together? World of goo It is a true work of art.

It took a long time to leave for mobile. When he did it World of goo It automatically became a classic. It is still a super recommended purchase, but the developers have not updated the game since 2014. It's a shame.

Paper Toss

5 classic mobile games worth recovering

It was one of the first games that took 100% of the touch screens to offer a mix of casual style, challenge to the skill and puzzles that today remains in force. Paper Toss It is the original game of making crumpled paper balls in the bin. It is still just as fun.

Paper Toss has had more fortune than World of Goo since its developers continued to update it, at least until June 2018. It is not a classic that will go down in history because of its complexity, but because it is one of the casual pioneers in smartphones.

Pocket god

This simulator of God broke molds back in 2010. The premise is simple: what would you do to your followers if you were an omnipresent deity full of supernatural powers? Pocket god offer just that: freedom to do what you want with the characters. Lightning them, multiplying them, creating wild creatures … It's as fun as irreverent.

It's a shame that Pocket god Do not update since 2013, because it is one of those games that marked an era. You can still try it, but the graphics and animations are quite outdated. However, it maintains the freshness and fun that characterized Pocket God as one of the first mobile games that became classics.


A classic of Point and Click mechanics that was tremendously powered by touch screens. Machinarium It offers all the intelligence, charisma and graphic originality that a great game needs: advance throughout history to solve the mysteries that will take you to the partner of the main character robot.

The developers have updated the game to offer a revamped version in graphics that, unfortunately, you will need to buy again if you already had the classic Machinarium. Even so you can access the previous title if you already bought it. In both cases it is worth recovering, even replacing it.