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Xiaomi patents a phone with solar charge: report

Xiaomi patents a phone with solar charge: report


This is how the Xiaomi solar-charged cell phone will look, according to the render based on the LetsGoDigital patent.


Neither wireless, fast or reverse charging: Xiaomi's new idea is that your cell phone be charged with the sun's rays.

According to a report from the reliable site specializing in patents and rendersLetsGoDigital, the Chinese company has filed a patent application through the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) of a cell phone whose rear panel has a solar panel. It seems that the phone, which will have a screen with hardly any bevels, will have a module capable of capturing solar radiation and generating its own energy.

As usual, in LetsGoDigital they have converted the images of the patent into other very realistic ones created by computer to give us a slightly clearer idea of ​​how the cell phone will be if it were released.

Like all patents, it is not a definitive product or even its existence confirms that Xiaomi is working on it.

The Russian manufacturer Caviar, specialized in luxury cell phones, launched in 2019 the iPhone X Tesla, a device that has a solar battery built into its back and whose price is US $ 4,500.

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